YouTube Video | யூடூப் காணொளி – சீமான் விவாதம் – நடிகர் சங்கம் பெயர் மாற்றம் | Seeman Debates on Nadigar Sangam Name Changing Issue | 19 October 2015

Dailymotion Video | டெய்லிமோசன் காணொளி – சீமான் விவாதம் – நடிகர் சங்கம் பெயர் மாற்றம் | Seeman Debates on Nadigar Sangam Name Changing Issue | 19 October 2015

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சீமான் விவாதம் – நடிகர் சங்கம் பெயர் மாற்றம் – ஆயுத எழுத்து, தந்தி டிவி தொலைக்கட்சி | 19 அக்டோபர் 2015
Seeman Debates on Nadigar Sangam Name Changing Issue – Ayutha Ezhuthu in Thanthi TV | 19 October 2015

Seeman wants a change in Nadigar Sangam

Director and actor Seeman who is well known for his Tamil Ethnic sentiments and strong and bold opinions of Sri Lankan Tamil issues has joined his senior Bharathiraja in calling for a name change for the Nadigar Sangam

In a press statement released a day ahead of the elections for the key office-bearer posts of the Sangam, Seeman has conveyed his wishes for candidates contesting the elections from both the teams lead by the incumbent President R.Sarathkumar and rebel actor Vishal.

He has also made a strong case to change the name of the Sangam from South Indian Film Artists Association to Tamil Nadu Film Artists association. “When the Sangam was formed the states were not created based on language and thats why the Sangam was named as South Indian Artists Association. Subsequently the actors of other language films formed their own artist associations. The association which has Tamil film and drama actors as its members functioning under the name South Indian Film Artists Association is not acceptable. This association which is an important organ of the Tamil film industry should be named as Tamil Nadu Artists Association (Tamil Nadu Nadigar Sangam).

Seeman also echoed Bhrathiraja’s sentiments that only a native Tamilian should be elected for the leadership of not just Nadigar Sangam but all other organisations functioning in Tamil Nadu.

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