2006.06.25 Seeman -2006-06-25 -Speech at Mettur -Naththigar Vizha 20060625SSM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5735 20060625SSM2
2007.00.00 Seeman -2007-00-00- Interview -Tamil is my Life 20070000SIBUNTI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5731 20070000SIBUNTI2
2007.00.00 Seeman -2007-00-00- Interview -Wakeup call for Tamilians 20070000SIBUNWC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5729 20070000SIBUNWC2
2007.00.00 Seeman -2007-00-00- Interview -Will India Become Superpower 20070000SIBUUUWIB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5733 20070000SIBUUUWIB2
2007.00.00 Seeman -2007-00-00 -Speech -Thailand Tamil Kazhagam 20070000SSUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5727 20070000SSUN2
2007.07.15 Seeman -2007-07-15- Speech -Opening Periyar House at Puducherry 20070715SSPOP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5725 20070715SSPOP2
2007.11.26 Seeman -2007-11-26- Speech 200711SSPMUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5723 200711SSPMUN2
2008.00.00 Seeman -2008-00-00- Interview for AlaiNaatham 20080000SIUNAN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5721 20080000SIUNAN2
2008.00.00 Seeman -2008- Speech at Erode 20080000SSEUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5719 20080000SSEUN2
2008.01.00 Seeman -2008-01-00- Eela Murasu 20080100SSPUNEM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5717 20080100SSPUNEM2
2008.01.10 Seeman -20080110 -Pattimandram -Love Marriage Vs. Arranged Marriage -Shivaji TV 20080110SSSTVPM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5715 20080110SSSTVPM2
2008.05.28 Seeman -2008-05-28- Speech @ Azhukural Short Film Release Fuction 20080528SSAAU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5713 20080528SSAAU2
2008.06.08 Seeman -2008-06-08- Speech @ Pada Thirappa 20080608SSPTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5711 20080608SSPTU2
2008.12.00 Seeman -2008-12-00- Speech @ Book Release 20081200SSBRU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5709 20081200SSBRU2
2009.00.00 Seeman -2009-00-00- Interview for www.sangathie.com 20090000SISCU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5707 20090000SISCU2
2009.00.00 Seeman -2009-00-00- Speech at Rally 20090000SSRUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5701 20090000SSRUN2
2009.01.26 Seeman -2009-01-26- IBC 20090126SIIBU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5699 20090126SIIBU2
2009.04.30 Seeman -2009-04-30- Speech (Audio Only) 20090430SSAOU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5697 20090430SSAOU2
2009.05.06 Seeman -2009-05-06- Speech -Vote for AIADMK 20090506SSPUA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5695 20090506SSPUA2
2009.07.18 Seeman -2009-07-18- Speech @ Madurai for NTK 20090718SSPMNTK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5693 20090718SSPMNTK2
2009.07.23 Seeman -2009-07-23- Speech @ MGR Nagar, Chennai 20090723SSPMC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5691 20090723SSPMC2
2009.07.27 Seeman -2009-07-27- Speech @ Chennai for NTK 20090727SSNUC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5689 20090727SSNUC1
2009.08.29 Seeman -2009-08-29- Press Meet @ Thoothukudi 20090829SPMUT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5687 20090829SPMUT2
2009.08.31 Seeman -2009-08-31- Interview for Australian Tamil Radio 20090831SIATM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5685 20090831SIATM2
2009.09.03 Seeman -2009-09-03- Speech @ Thoothukudi for NTK 20090903SSPNT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5683 20090903SSPNT2
2009.09.20 Seeman -2009-09-20- Speech 20090920SSUSN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5677 20090920SSUSN2
2009.10.00 Seeman -2009-10-00- Press Meet on Magizhchi Movie 20091000SPMMU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5675 20091000SPMMU2
2009.10.03 Seeman -2009-10-03- Speech @ Kuwait for NTK 20091003SSNKU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5681 20091003SSNKU2
2009.10.04 Seeman -2009-10-04- Seech @ Madurai for NTK 20091004SSNMU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5679 20091004SSNMU2
2009.11.00 Seeman -2009-11-00- Speech @ Toronto 20091100SSPUT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5673 20091100SSPUT2
2009.11.26 Seeman -2009-11-26- Speech @ Canada 20091126SSPUC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5671 20091126SSPUC2
2009.12.00 Naam Tamilar Brief History 2009 December 20091200SIANT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4564 20091200SIANT2
2010.00.00 Seeman -2010-00-00- Directing Vijay in Pagalavan 20100000SIBVP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5667 20100000SIBVP2
2010.00.00 Seeman – 2010 – 00 -00 – Interviw for Malar TV 20100000SIMTV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5669 20100000SIMTV2
2010.00.00 Seeman -2010-00-00- Vote for Swiss Vaddukoddai 2010000SIBSV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5665 2010000SIBSV2
2010.01.29 Sathyaraj -2010-01-29- Only Seeman Has the Courage 20100129SSBUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5663 20100129SSBUUU2
2010.02.00 Seeman -2010-02-00-Speech at Kudankulam Yathirpu Manadu 20100200SSMKU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5661 20100200SSMKU2
2010.04.00 Seeman -2010-04-00- Interview -Inviting all for Naam Thamilar Manadu at Madurai 20100400SIMUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5659 20100400SIMUU2
2010.04.00 Seeman -2010-04-00- Kolgai of Naam Thamilar Katchi 20100400SSUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5657 20100400SSUUU2
2010.04.25 Seeman -2010-04-25- Speech @ T.Nagar 20100425SSPTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5653 20100425SSPTC2
2010.06.21 Seeman -2010-06-21- Interview for TYO, UK 20100621SIUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5651 20100621SIUUU2
2010.08.26 Seeman -2010-08-26- Interview -Before going to State Advisory Board -Arrest 20100826SIPAUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5649 20100826SIPAUU2
2010.12.12 Seeman -2010-12-12- Interview for Radio 20101212SIRUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5645 20101212SIRUU2
2010.12.12 Seeman -2010-12-12- Speech 20101212SSTVT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5647 20101212SSTVT2
2010.12.14 Seeman -2010-12-14- Press Meet @ Puducherry 20101214SPMUPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5643 20101214SPMUPU2
2010.12.19 Seeman -2010-12-19- Speech on ‘Need for Democracy and Election’ 20101219NDESBPUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5641 20101219NDESBPUU2
2010.12.19 Seeman -2010-12-19- Speech on ‘Always No to DMK, ADMK, Congress or BJP’ 20101219SSBPUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5639 20101219SSBPUU2
2010.12.25 Seeman -2010-12-25- Speech @ Zurich, Switzerland Promo for Seeman 20101225SSBOZS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5637 20101225SSBOZS2
2010.12.25 Seeman -2010-12-25- Speech @ MGR Nagar 20101225SSPMGRC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5635 20101225SSPMGRC2
2011.01.09 Seeman -2011-01-09- Speech @ ‘What is to be done about this’ Book Release 20110109SSUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5631 20110109SSUUU2
2011.01.12 Seeman -2011-01-12- Meets & Thanks -TMMK MMK ) Leaders 20110112SNBUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5629 20110112SNBUUU2
2011.01.16 Seeman -2011-01-16- Speech @ TMMK (Muslims, Islam, History of Babri Mosque) 20110116SSUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5627 20110116SSUUU2
2011.01.30 Seeman 20110130 & News 20131106 -Seeman Vs. Nigerians -You beat mine I will Beat yours 20110130SSBSNSN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5621 20110130SSBSNSN2
2011.01.30 Seeman -2011-01-30- Speech @ Nagapattinam -Muthukumar Youth Wing Inaguration 20110130SSMNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5625 20110130SSMNU2
2011.01.30 We have bad experience in trusting Politicians so only we always doubt Seeman as a Politician -20110130 20110130WHBETPADP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5623 20110130WHBETPADP2
2011.02.00 Seeman -2011-02-00- Speech @ Coimbatore -Parvathi Amma Memorial Event 20110200SSPCU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5619 20110200SSPCU2
2011.02.09 Seeman -2011-02-09- Pressmeet @ Kovai 20110209SPMK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5609 20110209SPMK2
2011.02.13 Seeman -2011-02-13- Speech @ Salem 20110213SSPSU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5617 20110213SSPSU2
2011.02.21 Seeman -2011-02-21- Speech @ Palladam -Tamil Language Day 20110221SSPPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5615 20110221SSPPU2
2011.02.22 Seeman -2011-02-22- Speech @ Kovai 20110222SSBPKU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5613 20110222SSBPKU2
2011.02.27 Seeman -2011-02-27- Speech @ Karur 20110227SSPKU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5611 20110227SSPKU2
2011.03.00 Seeman -2011-03-00- Therthal Kalam 2011 -Audio Only 20110300AOSSTK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5607 20110300AOSSTK2
2011.03.00 Seeman -2011-03-00- Why Should We Defeat Congress in 2011 Tamil Nadu Election 20110300WSWDC1NE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5605 20110300WSWDC1NE2
2011.03.24 Seeman -2011-03-24- Press Meet @ Chennai -Nakkheeran Version 20110324SPUNC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5603 20110324SPUNC2
2011.03.24 Seeman -2011-03-24- Press Meet @ Chennai 20110324SPUUC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5601 20110324SPUUC2
2011.03.30 Seeman -2011-03-30- Speech @ Sivagangai 20110330SSPUS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5599 20110330SSPUS2
2011.04.00 Seeman -2011-04-00- Speech @ Tirupur For Election Rally 20110400SSPTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5597 20110400SSPTU2
2011.04.00 Seeman -2011-04-00- Speech @ Mylapore 20110400SSPUM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5593 20110400SSPUM2
2011.04.00 Seeman -2011-04-00- Speech @ Thiruparankundram 20110400SSPUT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5591 20110400SSPUT2
2011.04.00 Seeman 20110400 State-Central Party coalition formula benefits people is humbug 20110400SSPUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5595 20110400SSPUU2
2011.04.00 Seeman -2011-04-00- Speech @ Virudhunagar 20110400SSPUV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5587 20110400SSPUV2
2011.04.00 Seeman -2011-04-00- Speech @ Vellakovil, Kangeyam 20110400SSPVK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5589 20110400SSPVK2
2011.04.03 Seeman -2011-04-03- Speech @ Thiru Vi Ka Nagar 20110403PTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5583 20110403PTC2
2011.04.03 Seeman -2011-04-03- Speech @ T.Nagar 20110403SSPTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5585 20110403SSPTC2
2011.04.10 Seeman -2011-04-10- Speech @ Villianur 20110410SSPVU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5581 20110410SSPVU2
2011.05.00 Seeman -2011-05-00- Interview Bits @ Tamil Nadu Election 2011 Result, MMK 20110500SIBUVT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5573 20110500SIBUVT2
2011.05.00 Seeman -2011-05-00- Interview for Three Member UN Report -GTV 20110500SIUGU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5579 20110500SIUGU2
2011.05.00 Seeman -2011-05-00- Speech @ Pudhucherry, Ariyankuppam 20110500SSPAP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5575 20110500SSPAP2
2011.05.00 Seeman -2011-05-00- Speech @ Nagapattinam 20110500SSUUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5577 20110500SSUUN2
2011.05.16 Seeman -2011-05-16- Interview 20110516SIBUVT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5571 20110516SIBUVT2
2011.05.18 Seeman -2011-05-18- Speech @ Vellore (HQ) (Incomplete) 20110518SSPUV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5569 20110518SSPUV2
2011.06.11 Seeman -2011-06-11- Speech @ Salem for Nathigar Vizha 20110611SSNUS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5565 20110611SSNUS2
2011.06.18 Seeman -2011-06-18- Speech @ Saidapet For Thanking Jayalalitha – V-LQ A-MLQ 20110618SSPUS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5563 20110618SSPUS2
2011.06.20 Seeman -2011-06-20- Speech for Veerakula Amaran Iyakkam 20110620SSPUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5561 20110620SSPUU2
2011.07.13 Seeman -2011-07-13- Srilanka’s Killing Fields Documentary Discussion 20110713SSSKFDD1
2011.08.06 Seeman -2011-08-06- Interview for Naam Tamilar Canada Meet 20110806SIUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5557 20110806SIUUU2
2011.08.20 Seeman -2011-08-20- Speech @ Kovai -Stop Death Sentence 20110820SSUUK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5555 20110820SSUUK2
2011.09.07 Seeman -2011-09-07- Invitation for Pongutamil, Geneva 20110907SSUUG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5551 20110907SSUUG2
2011.09.09 Seeman -2011-09-09- Inivitation for 10 September Meeting 20110909SIUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5549 20110909SIUUU2
2011.09.10 Seeman -2011-09-10- Speech – Thanks to Amma 20110910SSPMC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5547 20110910SSPMC2
2011.10.00 Seeman -2011-10-00- Paramakudi Police Firing 20111000SNSTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5633 20111000SNSTU2
2011.10.02 Seeman -2011-10-02- Paramakudi Riots -Tamilan TV 20111002SSITU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5553 20111002SSITU2
2011.10.30 Seeman -2011-10-30- Protest in Nellai for Kundankulam Project 20111030SPUTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5545 20111030SPUTU2
2011.11.00 Seeman -2011-11-00- Speech @ Ambattur (Audio) 20111100ASSAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5543 20111100ASSAT2
2011.11.00 Seeman -2011-11-00- Speech @ Ambattur -Tamilan TV 20111100SSAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5541 20111100SSAT2
2011.11.10 Seeman -2011-11-10- Meet Perarivalan at Vellore Jail -Tamilan TV 20111110SMPVJT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5539 20111110SMPVJT2
2011.11.12 Seeman -2011-11-12- Interview on Pawns of Peace Report by Norway -GTV 20111112SIPPRNG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5535 20111112SIPPRNG2
2011.11.12 Seeman -2011-11-12- Speech @ Nesamani Veeravanakkam Nigalchi 20111112SSNVN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5537 20111112SSNVN2
2011.11.26 Seeman -2011-11-26- Speech @ Namakkal For TNL Birthday 20111126SSNTB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5533 20111126SSNTB2
2011.11.27 Seeman -2011-11-27- Speech @ Cuddalore For Maaveerar Naal 20111127SSCMN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5531 20111127SSCMN2
2011.12.24 Seeman -2011-12-24- Speech @ Chennai -MGR & Periyar Memorial Day -Audio Only 20111224ASSCMPM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5529 20111224ASSCMPM2
2012.00.05 Seeman -2012-11-00- Speech @ Keeramangalam, Pudukkottai 20120005SSKP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5449 20120005SSKP2
2012.01.15 Seeman -2012-01-15- Speech @ Bangalore for Pongal 20120115SSBP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5527 20120115SSBP2
2012.02.09 Seeman -2012-02- 09- Speech @ Kudankulum Protest 20120209SSKP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5525 20120209SSKP2
2012.02.20 Seeman -2012-02-20- Speech @ Cuddalore For NT Maruthuvar Paasarai 20120220SSCNMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5523 20120220SSCNMP2
2012.02.26 Seeman -2012-02-26- Speech @ Chennai in Kudankulam Protest 20120226SSCKP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5521 20120226SSCKP2
2012.03.20 Seeman -2012-03-20- Interview to GTV on UN Resolution by USA against SL 20120320SSIGTVURUSA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5519 20120320SSIGTVURUSA2
2012.04.07 Seeman -2012-04-07- Speech at T. Nagar in High Level Meeting 20120407SSTHLM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5517 20120407SSTHLM2
2012.04.19 Seeman -2012-04-19- Speech @ Idinthakarai -Koodunkulam Nuclear Plant 20120419SSIKNP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5515 20120419SSIKNP2
2012.05.00 Seeman -2012-05-00- Speech @ Kovai for Naam Tamilar Labour Union Opening Cermony 20120500SSKNTLUOU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5511 20120500SSKNTLUOU2
2012.05.00 Seeman -2012-05-00- Thenkoodu Movie 20120500STM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5513 20120500STM2
2012.05.04 Seeman -2012-05-04- Interview @ Pandit C. Ayodhya Dasa 95th Remembarance Day 20120504SIPADR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5509 20120504SIPADR2
2012.05.11 Seeman -2012-11-05- Speech @ Keeramangalam, Only Seeman in Tamil Nadu Can Do This ! 20120511SSKSTCD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5447 20120511SSKSTCD2
2012.06.23 Seeman -2012-06-23- Interview @ NLC Protest 20120623SINLCP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5507 20120623SINLCP2
2012.07.00 Seeman -2012-07-00- Speech @ Thuraipakkam for Naam Tamilar Medical Department Opening 20120700SSTNTMDO1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5505 20120700SSTNTMDO2
2012.07.11 Seeman -2012-07-11- Interview @ Chengalpet for Protest to Close Special Refugee Camps for Tamils 20120711SICPCSRCT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5503 20120711SICPCSRCT2
2012.08.00 Seeman -2012-08-00- Speech for Remove Hanging As A Punishment 20120800SSRHP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5501 20120800SSRHP2
2012.08.05 Seeman -2012-08-05- Difference Between Congress & BJP, Real Aim For The Demolition Of Babri Masjid 20120805DBCBRADBM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5497 20120805DBCBRADBM2
2012.08.05 Seeman makes fun of Tollgate 5 August 2012 20120805SMFT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5966 20120805SMFT2
2012.08.05 Seeman -2012-08-05- Speech @ Nagaipattinam 20120805SSPUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5499 20120805SSPUN2
2012.08.26 Seeman -2012-08-26- Speech @ Poonamallee, Chennai to Close Special Refugee Camps 20120826SSPPT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5495 20120826SSPPT2
2012.09.00 Seeman -2012-09-00- Discussion @ Tiruvalluvar District for Naam Thamilar Katchi Group 20120900SDTSNTK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5491 20120900SDTSNTK2
2012.09.01 Seeman -2012-09-01- Speech @ Kanchipuram 20120901SSK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5493 20120901SSK2
2012.09.12 Seeman -2012-09-12- Speech @ Chepauk Stadium, Kudankulam Protest 20120912SSCSKP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5489 20120912SSCSKP2
2012.09.15 Seeman -2012-09-15- Speech @ Alanthalai, Thoothukudi – Condolence for Anthony & Sagayam 20120915SSATCAS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5483 20120915SSATCAS2
2012.09.15 Seeman-2012-09-15- Speech @ Idinthakarai, Protest Against Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant 20120915SSIPAKNPP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5487 20120915SSIPAKNPP2
2012.09.15 Seeman -2012-09-15- Speech for Release Muslims Who are Prisoned For More Than 10 Years 20120915SSRMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5485 20120915SSRMP2
2012.10.00 Seeman -2012-10-00-Avoid Music Program by Ilayaraja @ Canada 20121000SAMPIC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5481 20121000SAMPIC2
2012.10.00 Seeman -2012-10-00- Salute For Marudhu Pandiyar 20121000SFMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5475 20121000SFMP2
2012.10.00 Seeman -2012-10-00- Speech @ Marriage 20121000SSM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5477 20121000SSM2
2012.10.00 Seeman -2012-10-00- Speech @ Pudukkottai for Suba Muthukumar Memorial Day 20121000SSPSMD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5479 20121000SSPSMD2
2012.10.04 Seeman -2012-10-04- Speech for Tamil Aatchi Mozhi Paasarai Opening Cermony 20121004SSTAMPOC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5473 20121004SSTAMPOC2
2012.10.05 Seeman -2012-10-05- Interview @ Hosur on Cauvery Issue 20121005SIHCI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5471 20121005SIHCI2
2012.10.11 Seeman -2012-10-11- Speech @ Indakarai on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Issue 20121011SSIKNPPI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5469 20121011SSIKNPPI2
2012.10.21 Seeman -2012-10-21- Speech @ Gudalur, Nilgiris Medical Camp 20121021SSGNMC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5465 20121021SSGNMC2
2012.10.21 Seeman -2012-10-21- Speech @ Ponnamaravathy 20121021SSP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5467 20121021SSP2
2012.10.29 Seeman -2012-10-29- I Never Want To Head Naam Tamilar Party 20121029NWTHNTP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5463 20121029NWTHNTP2
2012.10.29 Seeman -2012-10-29- Speech @ Kudankulam Protest, Siege of TN Assembly, Before Arresting 20121029SSBKPSTA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5455 20121029SSBKPSTA2
2012.10.29 Seeman -2012-10-29- TENL Prabhakaran Reaction on _2009 Rameshwaram Speech_ 20121029SSBTPR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5457 20121029SSBTPR2
2012.10.29 Seeman -2012-10-29- Speech @ Kudankulam Protest, Siege of Tamil Nadu Assembly 20121029SSKPSTA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5453 20121029SSKPSTA2
2012.11.11 Seeman -2012-11-11- Finish All These Atrocities Within Four To Five Years Orelse…. 20121111FATAWFTFYO1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5445 20121111FATAWFTFYO2
2012.11.14 Seeman -2012-11-14- Internal Probe at UN Revealed UN Has Failed To Save Eelam Civilians 20121114IPURUHFT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5443 20121114IPURUHFT2
2012.11.23 Seeman -2012-11-23- Speech @ தூக்குக்கயிற்றில் நிஜம் Book Release 20121123SSUTNBR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5441 20121123SSUTNBR2
2012.11.26 Seeman -2012-11-26- Speech @ Sriperumpudur on Tamil National Leader Birthday -HQ 20121126SSSTNL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5437 20121126SSSTNL2
2012.11.26 Seeman -2012-11-26- Speech @ Sriperumpudur on Tamil National Leader Birthday -LQ 20121126SSUSTNL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5439 20121126SSUSTNL2
2012.11.27 Seeman -2012-11-27- Speech @ Dharmapuri For Maaveerar Naal 20121127SSDFMN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5435 20121127SSDFMN2
2012.12.03 Seeman -2012-12-03- Speech @ Maruthuvar Deivanayagam & Iraikkuruvanar Memorial Day 20121203SSMDIM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5433 20121203SSMDIM2
2012.12.08 Seeman -2012-12-08- Interview For Press @ Protest Against Dharmapuri Caste Riots 20121208SIFPPADCR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5429 20121208SIFPPADCR2
2012.12.08 Seeman Speech Against Caste Violence and Caste Oppression & Dharmapuri Violence -2012-12-08 20121208SSACVACO1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5427 20121208SSACVACO2
2012.12.08 Seeman -2012-12-08- Speech @ Protest Against Dharmapuri Caste Riots 20121208SSPADCR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5431 20121208SSPADCR2
2012.12.12 Seeman -2012-12-12- Speech @ Arumbakkam on Ambedkar Memorial Day (MQA, LQV) 20121212AAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5419 20121212AAM2
2012.12.12 Seeman -2012-12-12- Condemns Attack on Girls Using Acid 20121212CGUA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5417 20121212CGUA2
2012.12.12 Seeman Background For The Demolition of Babri Masjid -2012-12-12 20121212SBFDBM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5421 20121212SBFDBM2
2012.12.12 Seeman I Will Give Children To My Wife -2012-12-12 20121212SIWGCTMW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5423 20121212SIWGCTMW2
2012.12.12 Seeman It Was The Moment When Caste Based Feeling Turned Into Tamil National Feeling -2012-12-12 20121212SIWTMWCBFTI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5425 20121212SIWTMWCBFTI2
2012.12.13 Seeman -2012-12-13- Can Live Without Caste, Religion, God But Cannot Live Without Language….. 20121213CLWCRGBCLW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5415 20121213CLWCRGBCLW2
2012.12.15 Question To Those Who Speak About United Sri Lanka -SS -20121215 20121215QTWSAUSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5413 20121215QTWSAUSL2
2012.12.15 Seeman -2012-12-15- Speech @ Ariyalur on Abdul Rafiq Memorial Day Tamilan TV Version) 20121215SSAARMDT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5411 20121215SSAARMDT2
2012.12.16 Seeman -2012-12-16- Today’s Young Revolutionist Ready To Do Anything For The Freedom 20121216STYRRATF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5409 20121216STYRRATF2
2012.12.20 Seeman Makes Fun Of The Book Which Criticise About Naam Tamilar Katchi 2012-12-20 20121220SMFBWCANTK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5407 20121220SMFBWCANTK2
2012.12.21 Seeman -2012-12-21- My Aim Is Tamil Nadu Parliament State Assembly) Not Indian Parliament 20121221SMATNPSA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5405 20121221SMATNPSA2
2012.12.23 Seeman -2012-12-23- Strongly Condemn Any Type Attack on Tamil Women 20121223SSCATATW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5403 20121223SSCATATW2
2012.12.27 Seeman -2012-12-27- Veeravanakkam to Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar 20121227SVVVN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5401 20121227SVVVN2
2012.12.31 Seeman -2012-12-31- Protest Against Attack on Women & Tamil Nadu As A Separate Country 20121231SPAAWTN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5399 20121231SPAAWTN2
2013.01.07 Seeman -2013-01-07- Meets Our Eelam Relatives at Chengalpet Special Refugee Camp 20130107SNMERC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5395 20130107SNMERC2
2013.01.07 Seeman -2013-01-07- Meets Our Eelam Relatives at Chengalpet Special Refugee Camp 20130107SNMOERCS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5395 20130107SNMOERCS2
2013.01.16 Seeman -2013-01-16- Speech @ Aranaiyur For Pongal Celebration 20130116SSAFPC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5393 20130116SSAFPC2
2013.01.24 Seeman -2013-01-24- View on Viswaroopam Movie Ban in Tamil Nadu 20130124SNVVMB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5389 20130124SNVVMB2
2013.01.24 Seeman -2013-01-24- View on Viswaroopam Movie Ban in Tamil Nadu 20130124SNVVMBTN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5389 20130124SNVVMBTN2
2013.01.25 Seeman -2013-01-25- Condolences For Udayamurth 20130125SNCFU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5387 20130125SNCFU2
2013.01.25 Seeman -2013-01-25- Condolences For Udayamurthy 20130125SNCU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5387 20130125SNCU2
2013.01.25 Seeman -2013-01-25- Veeravanakkam For Language War Fighters 20130125SSVLW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5391 20130125SSVLW2
2013.01.29 Seeman -2013-01-29- Why Now TESO Resoultion to UNO & Solution To Viswaroopam Movie 20130129SNTESOU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5385 20130129SNTESOU2
2013.01.29 Seeman -2013-01-29- Remembers Kamal Hassan’s Comments On Babri Masjid Demolition 20130129SSRKCB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5383 20130129SSRKCB2
2013.01.29 Seeman -2013-01-29- Time Did Not Create TNL, TNL Created the Time 20130129SSTNLCT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5381 20130129SSTNLCT2
2013.02.03 Seeman -2013-02-03- Interview on Three Persons Death Sentence 20130203SITPDS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5379 20130203SITPDS2
2013.02.03 Seeman -2013-02-03- Speech @ Idinthakarai 20130203SSATIU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5375 20130203SSATIU2
2013.02.03 Seeman -2013-02-03- Please Buy This Book & CD and Make Indirect Donation To Court Proceedings 20130203SSPBTBCD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5377 20130203SSPBTBCD2
2013.02.06 Seeman -2013-02-06- Speech @ Kovai For Thukku Kayitril Nijam Book Release 20130206SSATKT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5373 20130206SSATKT2
2013.02.10 Seeman -2013-02-10- Speech @ Puducherry HQ 20130210SSPHQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5371 20130210SSPHQ2
2013.02.13 Seeman -2013-02-13- Comforted J.Vinodhini Parents On Loss Of Their Daughter 20130213SNCJVPL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5367 20130213SNCJVPL2
2013.02.13 Seeman -2013-02-13- Do Not Send Back Eelam Refugees Coming To Tamil Nadu 20130213SNDNSB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5369 20130213SNDNSB2
2013.02.14 Seeman -2013-02-14- Speech @ Tamilan TV 11th Annual Day Celebration 20130214SSATTAD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5365 20130214SSATTAD2
2013.02.15 Seeman 2013-02-15- Congress Is Trying To Get Political Gain By Implementing Death Sentence 20130215SSCTGPG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5363 20130215SSCTGPG2
2013.02.18 Seeman -2013-02-18- Speech @ Udumalaipettai HQ 20130218SSATUHQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5361 20130218SSATUHQ2
2013.02.18 Seeman -2013-02-18- Questions How Many of The Educated Persons Are Politically Active & Quotes Gandhi 20130218SSQHMEP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5359 20130218SSQHMEP2
2013.02.18 Seeman -2013-02-18- I Will Defeat Chidambaram & Afzal Guru Vs. Veerappan Associates Death Sentence 20130218SSWDCAG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5357 20130218SSWDCAG2
2013.02.20 Seeman -2013-02-20- Comments on Documentary About Alcohol, Which Is The Root Cause of All Problems 20130220SICDAAW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5353 20130220SICDAAW2
2013.02.20 Seeman -2013-02-20- Speech @ Madhavaram, Chennai For Free Medical Medical Camp 20130220SSMCFFM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5355 20130220SSMCFFM2
2013.02.21 Seeman -2013-02-21- Attends Businessman Manivannan Family Marriage @ Koyambedu 20130221SSABMFM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5345 20130221SSABMFM2
2013.02.21 Seeman -2013-02-21- Comments on CM JJ’s Cancellation of Asian Athletics Games -Thanthi TV 20130221SSCCMJC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5347 20130221SSCCMJC2
2013.02.21 Seeman -2013-02-21- Comments on Documentary About Alcohol 20130221SSCDAA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5349 20130221SSCDAA2
2013.02.21 Seeman -2013-02-21- Speech @ Chennai In PFI Seminar on ‘Cinema Industry -A Social Perspective’ 20130221SSCPFISC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5351 20130221SSCPFISC2
2013.02.24 Seeman -2013-02-24- Speech @ Malaysia For TAF Press Meet 20130224SSMFTAFP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5343 20130224SSMFTAFP2
2013.03.00 Seeman -2013-03-00- Interview to TTN (First Time Video Released in Web) 20130300SITTNFTV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5341 20130300SITTNFTV2
2013.03.02 Seeman -2013-03-02- Internal Problem But External Help -Intern. Prob. But No External Investigation 20130302SNIPEH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5331 20130302SNIPEH2
2013.03.02 Seeman -2013-03-02- No Language No Race, When Language Dies Race Also Dies 20130302SNLNRLD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5335 20130302SNLNRLD2
2013.03.02 Seeman -2013-03-02- Speech @ Pattabiram, Chennai 20130302SSATPCH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5337 20130302SSATPCH2
2013.03.02 Seeman -2013-03-02- International investigation on SL War Crimes & Remove SL Embassy From TN 20130302SSBIISL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5333 20130302SSBIISL2
2013.03.02 Seeman -2013-03-02- Tamil Nadu Govt. Should Accept Sasi Perumal Request and Save His Life 20130302SSTNGS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5339 20130302SSTNGS2
2013.03.03 Seeman -2013-03-03- Speech @ Pallavaram in Continous Fast 20130303SSPICF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5329 20130303SSPICF2
2013.03.04 Seeman -2013-03-04- Seeman & Vaiko Paid Their Last Respects For NTK Cuddalore Mani 20130304SNVPTLR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5327 20130304SNVPTLR2
2013.03.09 Seeman -2013-03-09- Speaks To Press After Meeting Fasting Loyola College Students 20130309SSBSOML1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5325 20130309SSBSOML2
2013.03.10 Seeman -2013-03-10- Interview For Kelvikku Enna Bathil -Thanthi TV 20130310SIKEBTT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5323 20130310SIKEBTT2
2013.03.13 Seeman -2013-03-13- Debate on US Resolution Against SL in UNHRC @ Geneva 20130313SSDUSRS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5321 20130313SSDUSRS2
2013.03.25 Seeman -2013-03-25- Invites Tamils to Join Him @ Wuppertal, Germany 20130325SSITJHW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5275 20130325SSITJHW2
2013.03.25 Seeman -2013-03-25- Speech @ Germany 20130327SSAGERM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5277 20130327SSAGERM2
2013.03.27 Seeman -2013-03-27- Speech @ Swiss 20130327SSASWIS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5273 20130327SSASWIS2
2013.03.27 Seeman -2013-03-27- Speech @ Paris, France 20130327SSATPFR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5271 20130327SSATPFR2
2013.04.19 Seeman & Education -Same Education For Everyone Irrespective of Their Socio Economic Status This clipping taken from Seeman -2013-04-19- Speech @ Raja Singa Mangalam 20130419SSBESEIT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5269 20130419SSBESEIT2
2013.04.19 Seeman -2013-04-19- OR 19 April 2013 -Speech @ Raja Singa Mangalam செந்தமிழன் சீமானின் இராஜசிங்கமங்கள உரை 19-04-2013 20130419SSRSMA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5267 20130419SSRSMA2
2013.04.21 Seeman -20130421- Speech at Karnataka For Ambedkar Birthday & Karnataka Election 20130421SSAKFAB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5265 20130421SSAKFAB2
2013.04.26 Seeman -20130426 -Speech at Mannargudi for Bharathidasan memorial event 20130426SSMBME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5263 20130426SSMBME2
2013.04.30 Seeman -2013-04-30- OR 30 April 2013 Tamil Nadu Is a Toilet State. Caste Related Violence Are Used For Political Gain. 20130430SSTNTST1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5261 20130430SSTNTST2
2013.05.06 Seeman Warning and Appreciation of Tamil Nadu Police (20130506 and 20140919) 20130506SSBWATN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=7501 20130506SSBWATN2
2013.05.06 Seeman 2013 May 06 Speech at Tambaram for “நாமே மாற்று நாம்தமிழரே மாற்று” 20130506SSTAMB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=7505 20130506SSTAMB2
2013.05.19 Makkal Munnal 2013 May 19 Eelam Freedom 20130519SDMMEF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5259 20130519SDMMEF2
2013.05.19 Arrest Seeman Says Narayanaswamy @ Pondicherry Press Meet – 19 May 2013 20130519SPMANP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5257 20130519SPMANP2
2013.05.25 Seeman & Education -Seeman Idea To Stop CM Effort on Implementing English Medium in Govt. Schools This clipping taken from -Seeman -2013-05-25- Sooda Oru Talk (Full) -Sathiyam TV 20130525SIBISCM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5255 20130525SIBISCM2
2013.05.26 Makkal Munnal 26 May 2013 Kudankulam 20130526SDMMKUD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5253 20130526SDMMKUD2
2013.06.02 Makkal Munnal 02 Jun 2013 Caste System 20130602SDMMCAS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5251 20130602SDMMCAS2
2013.06.12 Seeman -2013-06-12- OR 12 June 2013 -Why TN Government Banned NTK Protest @ Neyveli 20130612SSWTNG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5247 20130612SSWTNG2
2013.06.15 Seeman -2013-06-15- Grieves Over The Loss of Director Manivannan & Announces Final Ritual Details 20130615SSGODM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5245 20130615SSGODM2
2013.06.16 Debate on water issue in Tamil Nadu 16th June 2013 20130616SDWITN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5243 20130616SDWITN2
2013.06.19 Seeman -2013-06-19- Reason Behind Sudden Death of Director Manivannan 20130619SSRBSDM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5241 20130619SSRBSDM2
2013.06.21 Debate on Nuclear Energy 2013June21 20130621SDNUEN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5239 20130621SDNUEN2
2013.06.21 Debate on Price Rise or Inflation 2013 July 21 20130621SDPRIN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5213 20130621SDPRIN2
2013.06.22 Seeman -2013-06-22- OR 22 June 2013 -Request to CM, Jayalalithaa & Tamil Language Research 20130622SNRCMJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5237 20130622SNRCMJ2
2013.06.28 Seeman -2013-06-28- Condemns Central Govt. on Gas Price Hike 20130628SNCCGG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5235 20130628SNCCGG2
2013.06.30 Debate on Death Sentence 2013 June 30 20130630SDDSEN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5233 20130630SDDSEN2
2013.07.06 Seeman -2013-07-06- View on Ilavarasan Death 20130706SSILAD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5229 20130706SSILAD2
2013.07.06 Seeman -2013-07-06- OR 6 July 2013 -Speech @ Manivannan Picture Opening Ceremony 20130706SSMPIC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5227 20130706SSMPIC2
2013.07.07 Debate on FDI in retail 2013 July 07 20130707SDFDIR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5231 20130707SDFDIR2
2013.07.07 Seeman -2013-07-07- Paid Respect For Rettamalai Srinivasan on His 153rd Birthday @ Purasavakkam 20130707SSPRSB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5225 20130707SSPRSB2
2013.07.14 Debate on Love and Caste 2013 July 14 20130714SDLACA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5223 20130714SDLACA2
2013.07.15 Debate on Tamil Nadu Fishermen Issue 2013 Jun 09 20130715SDTNFI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5249 20130715SDTNFI2
2013.07.16 Seeman -2013-07-16- Arguing Court Cases in Tamil is Basic Human Right 20130716SNACCTB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5221 20130716SNACCTB2
2013.07.17 Seeman -2013-07-17- BAPASI Should Boycott Book Fair in Sri Lanka 20130717SNBAPAS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5219 20130717SNBAPAS2
2013.07.18 Naam Tamilar Katchi Protest Against Madras Cafe Movie -2013-07-18 20130718NTKPAMC1
2013.07.19 Seeman -2013-07-19- Naam Tamilar Katchi Will Be With Idinthakarai People 20130719SNNTKID1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5215 20130719SNNTKID2
2013.07.20 NTK -2013-07-20- Black Flag for Subramanian Swamy by Naam Tamilar Katchi @ Kovai OR Coimbatore 20130720NTKBFSS1
2013.07.22 Seeman -2013-07-22- Arrested @ Villupuram -Source 1 20130722SAVS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5205 20130722SAVS2
2013.07.22 Seeman -2013-07-22- Arrested @ Villupuram -Source 2 20130722SAVS21
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5209 20130722SAVS22
2013.07.22 Seeman -2013-07-22- Interview on Arrest @ Villupuram 20130722SIAV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5207 20130722SIAV2
2013.07.28 Debate on Narendra Modi speech in United Nations – Ayyanathan 28 September 2014 20130728DNMSUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6037 20130728DNMSUN2
2013.07.28 Debate on TASMAC 2013 July 28 20130728DT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5203 20130728DT2
2013.08.04 NTK -2013-08-04- Protest Against Indian Navy Attack on TamilNadu Fishermen 20130804NPAINAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5195 20130804NPAINAT2
2013.08.04 Seeman To Get Married on 8th September 2013 -20130804 20130804SSGMAR1
2013.08.06 NTK’s Thiruvallur West District In-Charge Pasumpon Raja Found Dead -2013-08-06 20130806NTWDCPRFD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5193 20130806NTWDCPRFD2
2013.08.08 Seeman -2013-08-08- Speaks About Love, Caste, Leadership & Gossips (Interview to Vikatan) 20130808SSALCLG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5191 20130808SSALCLG2
2013.08.09 NTK -2013-08-09- Asks Screening of Madras Cafe Movie Before Release Date 20130809NTKASMC1
2013.08.12 Debate on Sand Mining 2013 August 04 20130812DSM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5201 20130812DSM2
2013.08.12 Seeman -2013-08-12- Speech at Angusam Movie Audio Launch 20130812SSAMALA1
2013.08.16 Seeman -2013-08-16- Condolences For Amma Sengamalam (Appa Manivannan Wife) 20130816SCFASA1
2013.08.18 Seeman -20130818- Madras Cafe Is Not Good & It Is Not Good For John Abraham Also 20130818SSMCNGI1
2013.08.18 Seeman -2013-08-18- Madras Cafe Totally Against Tamils & Looks As If Directed by Rajapaksa 20130818SSMCTAT1
2013.08.19 Seeman -20130819- Review of Madras Cafe Movie & Calls For Protest 20130819SRMCMCFP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5179 20130819SRMCMCFP2
2013.08.22 NTK -20130822- Protest Against School Which Is Charging Huge Tuition Fees in Cuddalore 20130822NTKPASWICH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5177 20130822NTKPASWICH2
2013.08.24 Seeman -20130824 -Wishes Puthiyathalaimurai TV On Its 3rd Year Birthday 20130824SWPTVYB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5175 20130824SWPTVYB2
2013.08.28 Seeman -20130828- Speech at Karaikal For Senkodi 2nd Year Memorial Day 20130828SSKFSYMD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5173 20130828SSKFSYMD2
2013.11.08 Seeman -20131108 -Ends NTK fasting at Sivagangai & says India not respecting Tamil’s life 201308SNENFSSI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5071 201308SNENFSSI2
2013.09.10 Seeman -20130910- Speech @ idinthakarai 20130910SSPUI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5171 20130910SSPUI2
2013.09.15 Seeman & Cheran -20130915 -I thought Seeman Was a Terrorist, But He Also Is Like Me 20130915SCITSWT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5167 20130915SCITSWT2
2013.09.15 Seeman -20130915- Recalls His Personal Moments With Cheran & His Achievements (Full) 20130915SSRHPMWC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5169 20130915SSRHPMWC2
2013.09.23 Seeman -20130923- View of North Sri Lanka Election Results 20130923SSVNSLER1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5165 20130923SSVNSLER2
2013.09.26 Why I Went to Kudankulam Immediately After My Marriage -SS -20130926 20130926SNWIWLIAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5159 20130926SNWIWLIAM2
2013.09.26 Seeman Speaks About Kudankulam People Qualities -SS -20130926 20130926SSBSAKPQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5161 20130926SSBSAKPQ2
2013.09.26 Seeman -20130926- Speaks About His Wife & Love Life 20130926SSSAHWLL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5163 20130926SSSAHWLL2
2013.09.26 Seeman -20130926 -Veeravanakkam to Dileepan 20130926SVD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5157 20130926SVD2
2013.09.27 Seeman -20130927 -Veeravanakkam to S. P. Adithanar 20130927SSVSPA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5155 20130927SSVSPA2
2013.10.02 Seeman registers his support to Thiyagu on Gandhi B.day & Comments on Commonwealth -2nd Oct 2013 20131002SRHSTGBCC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5149 20131002SRHSTGBCC2
2013.10.02 Seeman -20131002 -Protest Against Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant 20131002SSPAKNPP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5151 20131002SSPAKNPP2
2013.10.02 Seeman -20131002 -Wishes Sathyam TV On Its 4th Year Birthday 20131002SSWSTVOYB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5153 20131002SSWSTVOYB2
2013.10.04 Seeman -20131004 -Calls people to support students signature movement on Rajiv assassination issue 20131004SCPSSSM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5145 20131004SCPSSSM2
2013.10.04 Seeman -20131004 -Prevented From Meeting Dheena Dhayalan Medical College Students 20131004SSPFMDDMC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5147 20131004SSPFMDDMC2
2013.10.08 Debate on DMK & PMK comment on Law order problem in TN by Ayyanathan on 8Oct2014 20131008DDPCL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6015 20131008DDPCL2
2013.10.12 Seeman -20131012 -Our fight against Congress will continue in 2014 Parliamentary election 20131012SSOFACWC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5143 20131012SSOFACWC2
2013.10.12 Seeman -20131012 -Students are misled by commercial educational institutions 20131012SSSAMBCEI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5141 20131012SSSAMBCEI2
2013.10.14 Seeman -20131014 -We are going to intensify the protest against Commonwealth meeting 20131014SWAGIPAC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5139 20131014SWAGIPAC2
2013.10.16 Seeman -20131016 -Condolences for B .Ramachandra Adityan, managing editor Malai Murasu 20131016SCBRAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5137 20131016SCBRAM2
2013.10.19 Seeman -20131019 -Speech at Nagapattinam for Political Training Class 20131019SSNPTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5135 20131019SSNPTC2
2013.10.20 Seeman -20131020 -Modi is not an alternative for Congress & Comments on current economic condtion 20131020SSMACC1
2013.10.20 Seeman -20131020 -Speech at Nagai for political training session 20131020SSNPTS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5131 20131020SSNPTS2
2013.10.21 Seeman -20131021 -and Naam Alwar speak to press during hunger protest against methane extraction 20131021SNASPDHP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5127 20131021SNASPDHP2
2013.10.21 Seeman -20131021 -Hunger protest against methane extraction 20131021SSHPAM1
2013.10.21 Seeman -20131021- Speech at Kudavasal for protest against methane extraction (Audio Only) 20131021SSKPAME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5125 20131021SSKPAME2
2013.10.24 Seeman -20131024- Calls all Tamils to attend grand opening ceremony of ‘Mullivaikkal Muttram’ 20131024SSBCTAGOC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5123 20131024SSBCTAGOC2
2013.10.26 Seeman -20131026 -Extends support to fasting employees of Central Institute of Classical Tamil at Taramani, Chennai 20131026SESFEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5121 20131026SESFEC2
2013.10.26 Seeman -20131026 -Public meeting at Thiruvanmiyur condemning Commonwealth meeting 20131026SPMTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5119 20131026SPMTC2
2013.10.26 Seeman -20131026 -Speech at Thiruvanmiyur 20131026SSPTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5117 20131026SSPTC2
2013.10.27 Seeman -20131027 -Answers people question at Lankasri FM 20131027SSAPQL1
2013.10.28 NTK -20131028 -Protest against illegal mineral sand mining at Thoothukudi 20131028NPAIMSMT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5111 20131028NPAIMSMT2
2013.10.28 Seeman -20131028 -Rises various questions & doubts on bomb blast at Modi’s Patna rally 20131028SSBRVQDBB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5113 20131028SSBRVQDBB2
2013.10.29 NTK -20131029 -Protest against commonwealth meeting at Arcot 20131029NNPACMA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5109 20131029NNPACMA2
2013.10.30 Seeman -20131030 -Emphasis not to remove Shivaji statue 20131030SNERSS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5107 20131030SNERSS2
2013.11.01 Seeman -20131101 -Comments on Channel 4 video of Isai Priya 20131101SSCCVIP1
2013.11.02 Seeman -20131102 -Interview to UK Tamil News on Commonwealth meeting at Sri Lanka 20131102SIUTNCM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5103 20131102SIUTNCM2
2013.11.04 NTK -20131104 -Arputham Amma got arrested after she started flame travel to Mullivaikkal Memorial 20131104NTKAASF1
2013.11.04 NTK -20131104 -Hunger protest continues for the third day against commonwealth meeting at SL 20131104NTKHPCT1
2013.11.04 NTK -20131104 -Refuse medical treatment even though health condition deteriorates at 4th day of fasting protest 20131104NTKRMTH1
2013.11.04 Seeman -20131104 -Condemns Kolathur Mani arrest at the time of release of Isai Priya video by C4 20131104SCKMAR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5099 20131104SCKMAR2
2013.11.04 Seeman -20131104 -Stressess not to remove Sivaji Ganesan statue 20131104SSRSGS1
2013.11.05 NTK -20131105 -Continuous fast protest on Yanaimalai, Madurai against CHOGM 20131105NNCPYMA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5087 20131105NNCPYMA2
2013.11.05 NTK -20131105 -Siege of Central Govt. offices at Nilgiris demanding Centre to boycott CHOGM 20131105NNSCGO1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5089 20131105NNSCGO2
2013.11.05 Seeman -20131105 -Big procession at Pondy against Commonwealth meeting in Sri Lanka 20131105SSBPACW1
2013.11.06 Seeman -20131106 -Leads big processsion at Pondy against commonwealth meeting at SL 20131106SNLBPPAC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5081 20131106SNLBPPAC2
2013.11.06 Seeman -20131106 -Preview of speech at Pondy against CHOGM at SL 20131106SPSPACS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5079 20131106SPSPACS2
2013.11.06 Seeman -20131106 -Condemns arrest of Kolathur Mani by Tamil Nadu Government 20131106SSCAKMT1
2013.11.06 Seeman -20131106 -Speech at Pondy against commonwealth meeting at SL 20131106SSPACMS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5077 20131106SSPACMS2
2013.11.06 Seeman -20131106 -Speaks to Press at Pondy while leading big procession against CHOGM 20131106SSPPWL1
2013.11.07 NTK -20131107 -Protest against commonwealth at Tenkasi, Coimbatore & Chennai 20131107NNPACTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5075 20131107NNPACTC2
2013.11.07 NTK -20131107 -Protest at Valparai against 2013 commonwealth meeting at Sri Lanka 20131107PVACM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5073 20131107PVACM2
2013.11.08 Sri Lanka’s Unfinished War by BBC -8thNov2013 -Part 1 of 3 20131108SLUFWB1
2013.11.08 Seeman -20131108 -NTK has no connection in Rajiv Gandhi statue damage 20131108SNHCRGSD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5069 20131108SNHCRGSD2
2013.11.08 Seeman -20131108 -Participates in Lawyers fast protest at Madurai against commonwealth 20131108SSPLFPM1
2013.11.09 Seeman -20131109 -Comments on NO FIRE ZONE documentary by Thanthi TV 20131109SSCNFZD1
2013.11.10 Seeman 20131110 Speech at Thanjavur at Mullivaikkal Muttram opening ceremony (Full Video) 20131110SSTMMOC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5061 20131110SSTMMOC2
2013.11.12 NTK -20131112 -Coordinator speaks about NTK protest against commonwealth 20131112NTKCSPC1
2013.11.12 NTK -20131112 -Stops Running Train at Ramanathapuram to Show Protest Against Commonwealth at SL 20131112NTKSRTRS1
2013.11.12 NTK -20131112 -Strategy to stop trains (to show protest against commonwealth) suprises the police 20131112NTKSSTC1
2013.11.12 Seeman -20131112 -Comments & View of TN Assembly Resolution Against India Participation in CHOGM 20131112SCVTNAR1
2013.11.13 Seeman -20131113 -Condemn TN Govt. for demolition of Mullivaikkal Muttram fence 20131113SCTNDMM1
2013.11.13 Seeman -20131113 -Speaks to press at Mullivaikkal Muttram after demolition of the fence 20131113SSPMMAD1
2013.11.14 Seeman -20131114 -Comments & View on New Version of ‘No Fire Zone’ by Thanthi TV 20131114SCVNVNFZ1
2013.11.14 Seeman -20131114 -Interview on Mullivaikkal Muttram Fence Demolition to Lankasri 20131114SIMMFD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5043 20131114SIMMFD2
2013.11.14 Seeman -20131114 -Interview on Mullivaikkal Muttram Fence Demolition to Lankasri 20131114SIMMFED1
2013.11.15 Seeman -20131115 -Speech at Madurai against demolition of Mullivaikkal Muttram Fence 20131115SSMADM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5041 20131115SSMADM2
2013.11.26 Seeman -20131126 -Speech at Madurai for TNL (Tamil National Leader) Birthday Function. 20131126SSMT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5039 20131126SSMT2
2013.11.27 Seeman -20131127 -Speech at Pudukkottai for Maaveerar Naal (Audio Only) 20131127ASSPMN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5037 20131127ASSPMN2
2013.11.27 Seeman -20131127 -Speech at Pudukkottai for Maaveerar Naal (Audio Only) 20131127SSPAFMN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5035 20131127SSPAFMN2
2013.12.00 Kalyanasundaram 20131200 Speech Against Kerala Govt for their action against Attapadi Tamils 20131200KSAKGA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5029 20131200KSAKGA2
2013.12.00 NTK 20131200 Blood Donation Camp at Otteri, Chennai 20131200NBDCOC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5031 20131200NBDCOC2
2013.12.01 Seeman -20131201 -Speech at Thaninayagam Adigalaar Nootraandu Vizhaa 20131201SSTAN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5033 20131201SSTAN2
2013.12.04 NTK 20131204 Blood donation & Free Medical camp at Sankarankovil 20131204NNBDFMCS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5027 20131204NNBDFMCS2
2013.12.07 NTK 20131207 Ambedkar Memorial day public meeting at Pulianthope, Chennai 20131207NNAMPMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5025 20131207NNAMPMP2
2013.12.12 Seeman 20131212 Comments on Singapore Riots 20131212SCSR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5023 20131212SCSR2
2013.12.13 Seeman -20131213 -Clips of Kovai Protest Against Kerala Government 20131213SSCKPAK1
2013.12.13 Seeman -20131213 -Protest at Kovai against Kerala Govt move to “oust Tamils from tribal areas” 20131213SSPKAKG1
2013.12.15 Seeman 20131215 Press Meet at Tirupur -Attapadi Tamils, Electricity, Aam Aadmi Party 20131215SPMTATE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5017 20131215SPMTATE2
2013.12.16 Seeman 20131216 Comments on Aam Aadmi Party Victory in Delhi Election 20131216SNCAAPVD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5013 20131216SNCAAPVD2
2013.12.16 Seeman 20131215 Speech at Abdul Ravoof Memorial Day 20131216SSPAPM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5015 20131216SSPAPM2
2013.12.17 Seeman 20131217 Demands action on the person who attacked NTK member for helping people 20131217SNDAPWAN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5009 20131217SNDAPWAN2
2013.12.17 Seeman -20131217 -Speech at Uyirukku Ner Documentary Release (Full Length) 20131217SSUNDR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5011 20131217SSUNDR2
2013.12.21 NTK 20131221 கோரிக்கை பொது கூட்டம் 20131221NNPUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5007 20131221NNPUU2
2013.12.21 Seeman 20131221 Speech at Religious harmony and Humanitarian Conference 20131221SSRHAHC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5005 20131221SSRHAHC2
2013.12.22 NTK 20131222 Nameplate Opened on behalf of Workers Welfare Association at Paris Corner 20131222NNOBWWAPC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4997 20131222NNOBWWAPC2
2013.12.22 NTK 20131222 Protest to finish the construction of Moolakadai Flyover 20131222NNPFCMF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5001 20131222NNPFCMF2
2013.12.22 Naam Tamilar Katchi Koottam to Support Jallikattu was held at Palamedu, Madurai on 22 December 2013 & Speech Clips 20131222NTKKSJHP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4570 20131222NTKKSJHP2
2013.12.22 Seeman 20131222 Condemns for inviting Pranab Mukherjee & action against Brito and Gowthaman 20131222SNCIPMA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4999 20131222SNCIPMA2
2013.12.22 Seeman 20131222 Clips of Madurai Speech for ban against Aeru Thaluvuthal (Jallikattu) 20131222SNCMSBAAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4995 20131222SNCMSBAAT2
2013.12.22 Seeman 20131222 Participates in various functions and hoisted NTK flag at Sivagangai 20131222SNPIVFHN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5003 20131222SNPIVFHN2
2013.12.23 Seeman 20131223 Wants to make changes in certain part of Chennai University syllabus 20131223SNWMCCPC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4993 20131223SNWMCCPC2
2013.12.23 Seeman 20131223 Pressmeet at Karur Fisherman Vs. Devayani, Sand Mining, Attapadi Tamils 20131223SPKFDSAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4991 20131223SPKFDSAT2
2013.12.24 NTK 20131224 Veeravanakkam to MGR at Trichy 20131224NNVEERAMT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4979 20131224NNVEERAMT2
2013.12.24 Hinduism & Women Reservation VS Periyar & Women Reservation 20131224 20131224SSBHWRVPWR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4983 20131224SSBHWRVPWR2
2013.12.24 Seeman 20131224 Speech at Kolathur for MGR & Periyar Memorial Day (Preview) 20131224SSBKMPM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4989 20131224SSBKMPM2
2013.12.24 Saraswathi (Hindu God) VS Kamaraj & Rajaji (Strong Follower of Hinduism) VS Kamaraj -Who is Best 20131224 20131224SSBSKR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4985 20131224SSBSKR2
2013.12.24 Seeman 20131224 Speech at Kolathur for MGR & Periyar Memorial Day (High Quality) 20131224SSKMPMD1
2013.12.24 Seeman 20131224 Speech at Kolathur for MGR & Periyar Memorial Day (Preview) 20131224SSKMPMD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4981 20131224SSKMPMD2
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4987 20131224SSKMPMD2
2013.12.27 Seeman 20131227 Speech at Kangaroo Audio Launch (Audio Only) Part 1 of 2 20131227ASSKAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4977 20131227ASSKAL2
2013.12.27 Seeman 20131227 Speech at Kangaroo Audio Launch (Audio Only) Part 2 of 2 20131227SSKAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4975 20131227SSKAL2
2013.12.31 NTK 20131231 Veeravanakkam to Nammalvar 20131231NTKVEN1
2014.08.09 Seeman 9 August 2014 Speech at Protest against Genocide at Palestine and Sri Lanka Defense Web Issue 2014009SSPAGPSLDWI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4463 2014009SSPAGPSLDWI2
2014.01.01 Seeman 2014 May Day Message 20140101SSBMDM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4602 20140101SSBMDM2
2014.01.01 Seeman 20140101 Speaks to press when he came pay his last respects for Nammalvar 20140101SSNPWCPLR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4971 20140101SSNPWCPLR2
2014.01.03 NTK 20140103 Protest against wood smuggling at Pudukkottai 20140103PAWSP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4967 20140103PAWSP2
2014.01.04 Seeman 20140104 Speech at Neyveli (Preview) 20140104SSBNP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4965 20140104SSBNP2
2014.01.07 Arputham Ammal statements nowadays started to make Headline News 7Jan2014, 7AM 20140107AASNHN1
2014.01.08 NTK 20140108 நீலமலை நாம் தமிழர் கட்சி பொதுக்கூட்டம் 20140108NNPUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4961 20140108NNPUN2
2014.01.10 Seeman Debates on Rajapaksa comment on defeat by Tamils in Presidential Election 10 January 2014 20140110SDRCDT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10142 20140110SDRCDT2
2014.01.12 NTK 20140112 Protest on Nataraja Temple Issue 20140112NTKPNTI1
2014.01.12 Seeman 20140112 Veeravanakkam to Nammalvar (Preview) 20140112SNVETN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4957 20140112SNVETN2
2014.01.12 Seeman 20140112 Speech at T.Nagar for Veeravanakkam to Big Father, G Nammalvar (Full) 20140112SSTNVB1
2014.01.12 Seeman 20140112 Speech at T Nagar for Veeravanakkam to Big Father, G Nammalvar Part 2 20140112SSTNVEB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4955 20140112SSTNVEB2
2014.01.13 Ayodhya Ramar Temple will be built by May 2014 says H Raja of BJP, Tamil Nadu 13January2014 20140113ARTBM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4951 20140113ARTBM2
2014.01.15 NTK 20140115 Kabaddi, Other Games, Pongal celebrations at Padi Pudhu Nagar & MGR Nagar 20140115NTKKOG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4949 20140115NTKKOG2
2014.01.16 NTK 20140116 Thiruvalluvar birthday celebrated at Padi, Chennai 20140116NTKTBCP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4947 20140116NTKTBCP2
2014.01.18 Seeman 20140118 Speech in Mumbai at a public meeting explaining NTK principles (Preview) 20140118SSMPME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4945 20140118SSMPME2
2014.01.19 NTK 20140119 Flag hoisting at Parle Vile, Mumbai (TSV) 20140119NTKFHP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4940 20140119NTKFHP2
2014.01.19 SSP (Seeman Photos) 20140119 Speech at Malad, Mumbai for Kolgai Vilakkam Pothukootam 20140119SSPMMK1
2014.01.22 Seeman 20140122 Comments on Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka 20140122SSCPTSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4938 20140122SSCPTSL2
2014.01.24 Seeman Speech at Karaikkudi 24 January 2015 20140124SSKARA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10369 20140124SSKARA2
2014.01.25 Seeman 20140125 Comments on Katchatheevu & Shivaji statue removal 20140125SNCKSSR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4936 20140125SNCKSSR2
2014.01.29 Dhuruvan Selvamani 20140129 Speech at Kovai for Ilaingar Pasarai Annual Function (TSV) 20140129DSSKIP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4934 20140129DSSKIP2
2014.02.08 Seeman Speech at Tamil Language Day on 8 February 2014 20140208SSATLD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4556 20140208SSATLD2
2014.02.08 Seeman makes fun of Hindu Priest & Questions the need of Hindu Priest 8 February 2014 20140208SSBFHP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4558 20140208SSBFHP2
2014.02.08 Seeman about Malayalam, Kannada & Telugu 8 February 2014 20140208SSMAKT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4544 20140208SSMAKT2
2014.02.12 Kalyanasundaram Debates on Sirisena visit to India 12 February 2014 20140212KDSVOI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10251 20140212KDSVOI2
2014.02.13 Seeman 20140213 Paying homage to Balu Mahendra and speaks to press 20140213SNPHBMS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4932 20140213SNPHBMS2
2014.02.14 Seeman 20140214 Only person to mention that Balu Mahendra is from Tamil Eelam not Sri Lanka 20140214SNOPMBM1
2014.02.14 Seeman 20140214 and Pala Nedumaran at Balu Mahendra funeral 20140214SSPNBMF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4930 20140214SSPNBMF2
2014.02.15 Seeman 20140215 Speech at Karambakudi, Pudukkottai for Suba Muthukumar Memorial Day 20140215SSAKAPS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4834 20140215SSAKAPS2
2014.02.15 Seeman 20140215 Speech at 12th Anniversary of Tamilan TV (Full) 20140215SSTATTV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4926 20140215SSTATTV2
2014.02.16 Makkal Munnal 16 February 2014 Women Freedom & Women in India & Tamil Nadu 20140216MMWFWI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4924 20140216MMWFWI2
2014.02.18 Pala Nedumaran & Tada Chandrasekaran Debate on Cancellation of Death Sentence for Perarivalan 18Feb2014 20140218TDPNCAD1
2014.02.19 Arputham Ammal , Ayyanathan & Jothimani debates on release of Perarivalan & others 19Feb2014 20140219AAJDRP1
2014.02.19 Arputham Ammal 20140219 Thanks Seeman, Vaiko, Maniarasan, Thiyagu, Suba Vee, Kolathur Mani 20140219AATSVMT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4912 20140219AATSVMT2
2014.02.19 NTK 20140219 Kumbakonam NTK celebrates and thanks CM for releasing Perarivalan & others 20140219NTKKCTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4914 20140219NTKKCTC2
2014.02.19 Rahul Gandhi feels sad on release of Perarivalan & others 19Feb2014 20140219ONRGFSR1
2014.02.19 Perarivalan Father thanks Tamil Nadu Chief Minister 19 Feb 2014 20140219PFTTNCM1
2014.02.19 Seeman 20140219 BJP & Congress using Eelam for Politics & NTK support to Jayalalitha in 2014 MP Elec 20140219SNBCEP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4908 20140219SNBCEP2
2014.02.20 Seeman 20140220 CM has thought form the shoes of Arputham Ammal as a Mother 20140220SNCMTFA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4888 20140220SNCMTFA2
2014.02.20 Seeman 20140220 Snehavin Kadhalargal Audio launch 20140220SNSKAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4886 20140220SNSKAL2
2014.02.20 Seeman 20140220 Opinion on Supreme Court stay to release Perarivalan & others by TN Government 20140220SSOSCSR1
2014.02.22 NTK 20140222 State wide protest against Centre for preventing the release of Perarivalan & Others 20140222NTKSWPC1
2014.02.22 Seeman 20140222 At any cost we will stand by CM to release Perarivalan & others 20140222SSACSMP1
2014.02.23 Makkal Munnal 23 February 2014 20140223SDMMUN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4874 20140223SDMMUN2
2014.02.26 NTK 20140226 Namakkal NTK protest against Centre for blocking the release of Perarivalan & others 20140226NTKNPCB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4854 20140226NTKNPCB2
2014.02.26 NTK 20140226 Petrol bomb attack at Porur NTK office 20140226NTKPBAP1
2014.02.26 NTK 20140226 NTK VS Congress at Sathyamoorthy Bhavan, Chennai 20140226NTKVSCS1
2014.02.26 Debate on clash between Naam Tamilar & TN Congress over release of Perarivalan & others 26.02.2014 20140226RSDNTTN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4858 20140226RSDNTTN2
2014.02.26 Ayyanathan debates on clash between Naam Tamilar & Congress at Sathyamoorthy Bhavan 26.02.2014 20140226SDADNTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4856 20140226SDADNTC2
2014.02.27 NTK 20140227 Nellai NTK protest against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & Subramanian Swamy 20140227NTKNPSG1
2014.02.27 Ayyanathan debates on bombing NTK office, breaking Rajiv statue & protest at S. Bhavan 27.02.2014 20140227ODADBNT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4850 20140227ODADBNT2
2014.02.27 Seeman Speech Tindivanam Pothukoottam 27 February 2015 20140227SSPTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10755 20140227SSPTU2
2014.03.01 Congress totally destroyed NTK stage and chairs at Kanyakumari -NTK 20140301 20140301ONCTDNT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4846 20140301ONCTDNT2
2014.03.02 Kalyanasundaram 20140302 Press interview about Congress damaging stage&chairs of NTK at Kanyakumari 20140302KPICDA1
2014.03.02 Makkal Munnal 2nd March 2014 Refugees condition in India 20140302MMDRCI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4842 20140302MMDRCI2
2014.03.03 Ayyanathan debates on Manmohan Singh to meet Mahinda Rajapaksa in Myanmar 03.03.2014 20140303ODAMSMR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4840 20140303ODAMSMR2
2014.03.03 Which caste people are born to Father & Mother and Seeman questions the caste system 3 March 2014 20140303SSBCPFM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4574 20140303SSBCPFM2
2014.03.03 How Hindi helps to sustain the Caste System 3 March 2014 20140303SSBHHCS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4572 20140303SSBHHCS2
2014.03.03 Seeman attacks the advertisement by actress Suhasini & Tamil language adulteration 3 March 2014 20140303SSBSAST1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4584 20140303SSBSAST2
2014.03.03 Seeman Speech at Sathirakudi, Ramanathapuram for Kolgai Vilakkam Pothukootam 3rd March 2014 20140303SSRKVP1
2014.03.04 Seeman debates on USA resolution against Sri Lanka 04.03.2014 20140304SDUSASL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4838 20140304SDUSASL2
2014.03.07 Full Interview | Seeman Interview to Agni Paritchai 7 March 2015 20140307SIFIAP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10491 20140307SIFIAP2
2014.03.09 Makkal Munnal 9 Marc 2014 Sri Lanka war crime and USA resolution against Sri Lanka at Geneva 20140309SDMMSLW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4836 20140309SDMMSLW2
2014.03.12 Seeman 20140312 Speech at Balu Mahendra Remembrance 20140312SSBMR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4830 20140312SSBMR2
2014.03.13 Ayyanathan & H Raja debates on public support for Aam Aadmi Party 13Mar2014 20140313ADHRPS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4826 20140313ADHRPS2
2014.03.13 Seeman 20140313 Speech at Balu Mahendra Remembrance (Preview) 20140313SSBMRP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4828 20140313SSBMRP2
2014.03.16 Ayyanathan, H Raja, America Narayanan debates on confusion in Tamil Nadu Politics 16Mar2014 20140316ADHRAN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4824 20140316ADHRAN2
2014.03.16 Makkal Munnal 16 March 2014 Crime in India and its root cause 20140316SDMMCI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4822 20140316SDMMCI2
2014.03.20 Seeman request to CM, Jayalalitha to help Tamils (who lost job due to new Govt. rule) to return from Gulf (Arabia) 20th March 2014 20140320SSRCMJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4818 20140320SSRCMJ2
2014.03.23 NTK 20140323 Meeting at Kamaraj Memorial English High School, Dharavi,Mumbai 20140323NTMMKME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4817 20140323NTMMKME2
2014.03.23 Makkal Munnal 23rd March 2014 Debates on political parties and their coalition during election 20140323SDMPP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4814 20140323SDMPP2
2014.03.23 Seeman Photos 20140323 Speech at Ariyalur 20140323SSARIP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4816 20140323SSARIP2
2014.03.27 Release of Annan Perarivalan & Supreme Court proceedings full detail by Lawyer Prabhu 27Mar2014 20140327NTKTN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4816 20140327NTKTN2
2014.03.27 Seeman condemns India for abstaining from voting against Sri Lanka in UNHRC 27th March 2014 20140327SCIAVSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4802 20140327SCIAVSL2
2014.03.27 SSP (Seeman Photos) 20140327 Meets Thurairasa Ravigaran 20140327SSPMTR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4806 20140327SSPMTR2
2014.03.27 Seeman 20140327 Whom we are supporting & against in 2014 Election & Why 20140327SSWSAE1
2014.03.28 Ayyanathan debates on Vijayakanth abt PC, DMK call Congress, India voting in UNHRC 28Mar2014 20140328ADVPDC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4800 20140328ADVPDC2
2014.03.29 NTK Photos 20140329 General Committee Meeting at Chennai 20140329NTKPGC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4793 20140329NTKPGC2
2014.03.29 We will defeat Congress, BJP, DMDK, TR Balu & Support AIADMK in 2014 election says Seeman 29 March 2014 20140329SPMCBD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4794 20140329SPMCBD2
2014.03.29 Seeman makes comedy on Premalatha Vijayakanth statement -Alcohol & Biryani 29March2014 20140329SSBCPV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4788 20140329SSBCPV2
2014.03.29 Seeman vs BJP – Seeman prediction before election about BJP stand on Tamil issues are coming true 20140329 20140329SSBEBJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4534 20140329SSBEBJ2
2014.03.029 Seeman vs Tamilaruvi on Supporting BJP for 2014 Election (20140329&20140803) 20140329SSBTSE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4480 20140329SSBTSE2
2014.03.30 Makkal Munnal 30 March 2014 Women & Indian Politics 20140330SDMMWI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4790 20140330SDMMWI2
2014.04.06 Makkal Munnal 6 April 2014 Students and Politics 20140406SDMSAP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4774 20140406SDMSAP2
2014.04.06 Video of Seeman answering public question through Google Hangouts 6 April 2014 20140406SIVSAPQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4776 20140406SIVSAPQ2
2014.04.07 Kalyanasundaram speech at Aatrur, Kanyakumari for 2014 MP Election 7 April 2014 20140407KSAKELE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4769 20140407KSAKELE2
2014.04.07 Election campaign against Congress in Kamaraj Nagar, Puducherry 7 April 2014 20140407NTKPCKP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4771 20140407NTKPCKP2
2014.04.07 Seeman exposes BJP stand on Muslim & Dalit Issues 7 April 2014 20140407SIBBMDI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4741 20140407SIBBMDI2
2014.04.07 Anybody who threatens or attacks Vadivelu will face the consequences says Seeman 7 April 2014 20140407SNATVFC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4772 20140407SNATVFC2
2014.04.07 Seeman speech at Aatrur, Kanyakumari for 2014 election campaign 7 April 2014 20140407SSAKFEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4757 20140407SSAKFEC2
2014.04.07 Seeman exposes BJP strategy ‘One Stone Two Mangoes’ 7April2014 TSV 20140407SSBBOST1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4743 20140407SSBBOST2
2014.04.07 Seeman counter to Yeddyurappa on Cauvery Issue 7 April 2014 TSV 20140407SSBCYCI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4673 20140407SSBCYCI2
2014.04.07 Seeman addressing Press & Preview of election camapign at Aatrur & Vadasery in Kanyakumari 7 Apr 2014 20140407SSBPECA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4767 20140407SSBPECA2
2014.04.07 Seeman speech at Colachel, Kanyakumari for 2014 election campaign 7 April 2014 20140407SSCKFEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4759 20140407SSCKFEC2
2014.04.07 Seeman speech at Vadasery, Kanyakumari for 2014 election campaign 7 April 2014 20140407SSVKFEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4755 20140407SSVKFEC2
2014.04.08 Seeman funny speech about Vijayakanth & his political journey 8 April 2014 20140408SSBFVPJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4751 20140408SSBFVPJ2
2014.04.08 Seeman speech at Palayamkottai for 2014 election campaign 8 April 2014 20140408SSPECAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4763 20140408SSPECAM2
2014.04.08 Seeman speech at Valliyur for 2014 MP election campaign 8 April 2014 20140408SSVMECA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4729 20140408SSVMECA2
2014.04.09 Seeman speech (preview) at Kambam for 2014 MP election 9 April 2014 20140409SSKMPE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4761 20140409SSKMPE2
2014.04.09 Seeman speech (High Quality) at Madurai for 2014 MP Election 9 April 2014 20140409SSMMPE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4705 20140409SSMMPE2
2014.04.09 Seeman speech at Madurai for 2014 MP Election 9 April 2014 20140409SSMMPEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4715 20140409SSMMPEC2
2014.04.09 Seeman speech (High Quality) at Theni for 2014 MP Election 9 April 2014 20140409SSTMPEL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4703 20140409SSTMPEL2
2014.04.10 Aam Aadmi totally against Tamil Nation Issues exposed 10 April 2014 20140410NATNIE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4745 20140410NATNIE2
2014.04.10 ‘Meiporul Kanbathu Arivu’ TV show comment on Seeman election campaign 10 April 2014 20140410SDBMKAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4747 20140410SDBMKAT2
2014.04.10 Seeman Accused DMK Party 10 April 2014 20140410SSBADMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4753 20140410SSBADMP2
2014.04.10 Seeman speech at Ramanathapuram for 2014 MP election campaign 10 April 2014 20140410SSRMPEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4693 20140410SSRMPEC2
2014.04.10 Seeman speech at Thondi, Ramanathapuram for 2014 MP election campaign 10 April 2014 20140410SSTRMEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4695 20140410SSTRMEC2
2014.04.11 Ayyanathan VS Vasanthi Stanley of DMK – Puthu Puthu Arthangal – Puthiya Thalaimurai TV -11 April 2014 20140411ODAVSDP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4749 20140411ODAVSDP2
2014.04.11 Seeman Comedy on Karunanidhi & Vijayakanth 11 April 2014 20140411SSBKAVI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4737 20140411SSBKAVI2
2014.04.11 Seeman speech (High Quality) at Alangudi for 2014 MP election campaign 11 April 2014 20140411SSHQAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4665 20140411SSHQAM2
2014.04.11 Seeman speech at Karaikudi for 2014 MP election campaign 11 April 2014 20140411SSKAREC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4739 20140411SSKAREC2
2014.04.12 Naam Tamilar Katchi VS DMK on Eelam Issues during 2014 Parliament Election 12April2014 20140412NTKDMKE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4725 20140412NTKDMKE2
2014.04.12 Supporting (why) & Defeating (when) AIADMK by Naam Tamilar Katchi 12 April 2014 20140412SIBSYDW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4731 20140412SIBSYDW2
2014.04.12 Seeman exposes profit gained in the methane extraction project at Thanjavur 12Apr2014 TSV 20140412SSBEPGME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4721 20140412SSBEPGME2
2014.04.12 Seeman slams Vijayakanth in Junior Vikatan interview 12 April 2014 20140412SSBSVJVI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4735 20140412SSBSVJVI2
2014.04.12 Seeman speech (High Quality) at Pudukottai for 2014 MP election campaign 12 April 2014 20140412SSHQPMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4663 20140412SSHQPMP2
2014.04.12 Seeman speech (High Quality) at Trichy for 2014 MP election campaign 12 April 2014 20140412SSHQTMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4659 20140412SSHQTMP2
2014.04.12 Seeman speech at Trichy for 2014 MP election campaign 12 April 2014 20140412SSTFMPE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4727 20140412SSTFMPE2
2014.04.13 Naam Tamilar Tholar’s Speech at Thilagar Thidal, Thanjavur for 2014 MP election campaign 13 April 2014 20140413NTKTSTT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4711 20140413NTKTSTT2
2014.04.13 Seeman speech at Dindigul for 2014 MP election campaign 13 April 2014 20140413SSDMPEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4679 20140413SSDMPEC2
2014.04.13 Seeman speech (High Quality) at Dindigul for 2014 MP election campaign 13 April 2014 20140413SSHQDMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4661 20140413SSHQDMP2
2014.04.13 Seeman speech at Thilagar Thidal, Thanjavur for 2014 MP election campaign 13 April 2014 20140413SSTTTMPE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4713 20140413SSTTTMPE2
2014.04.14 NTK Salute to BR Ambedkar on his birthday 14 April 2014 20140414NTKESBRA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4709 20140414NTKESBRA2
2014.04.14 Seeman Speech at Tirupur for 2014 MP election campaign 14 April 2014 20140414SSTMPECA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4667 20140414SSTMPECA2
2014.04.15 Lord Murugan VS Vijayakanth VS Thalaivar Prabhakaran 15 April 2014 20140415SSBLMVTP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4707 20140415SSBLMVTP2
2014.04.15 Seeman counters Premalatha Vijayakanth & makes fun of Vijayakanth election campaign 15Apr2014 TSV 20140415SSBPVMF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4675 20140415SSBPVMF2
2014.04.15 Seeman speech at Tiruchengode, Namakkal for 2014 MP election campaign 15 April 2014 20140415SSTNFMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4701 20140415SSTNFMP2
2014.04.17 Ayyanathan vs Gopanna of Congress (Hot Debate on 2009 Eelam War) in Puthu Puthu Arthangal debate show 17 April 20140417ADGCHDE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4689 20140417ADGCHDE2
2014.04.17 Seeman speech (preview) at Villupuram for 2014 MP election campaign 17 April 2014 20140417SSVMPEL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4683 20140417SSVMPEL2
2014.04.18 Seeman extreme comedy on Indian economic policy ‘Please live with my wife’ 18Apr2014 20140418SSBECIEP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4687 20140418SSBECIEP2
2014.04.18 Seeman makes comedy of Modi meeting Rajinikanth & Vijay 18Apr2014 20140418SSBMCMMRV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4685 20140418SSBMCMMRV2
2014.04.18 Seeman speech at Villupuram for 2014 MP election campaign 18 April 2014 20140418SSVMPEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4681 20140418SSVMPEC2
2014.04.19 Ayyanathan debates on Tamil Nadu VS Gujarat in development 19 April 2014 20140419ATNVGD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4628 20140419ATNVGD2
2014.04.19 Seeman speech at Karur for 2014 MP election campaign 19 April 2014 20140419SSPKMEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4654 20140419SSPKMEC2
2014.04.20 Makkal Munnal 20 April 2014 Voting 20140420MMV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4671 20140420MMV2
2014.04.20 பழவேற்காடு மீனவகிராமத்தை சூறையாடிய ஆந்திரா
மீனவர்கள் 20 ஏப்ரல் 2014 |Palaverkadu Fishermen Village Brutally
Attacked by Andhra Fishermen 20 April 2014
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11263 20140420ONNPU2
2014.04.20 Seeman speech at Saidapet for 2014 MP election campaign 20 April 2014 20140420SSPSMPEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4634 20140420SSPSMPEC2
2014.04.21 Seeman health affected due to severe election campaign 21 April 2014 20140421SHADTSEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4650 20140421SHADTSEC2
2014.04.23 5600 Kilometers, 3800 Minutes, 32 Days, 95 Places in 39 Constituencies -Record by Vijayakanth 23 April 2014 20140423KMDPC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4650 20140423KMDPC2
2014.04.23 Seeman message to Tamil Nadu Voters 23rd April 2014 20140423SNMTNV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4652 20140423SNMTNV2
2014.04.25 Supreme Court Judgement review, Arputham Ammal Interview, etc -Extensive Details 25 April 2014 20140425AISCJRAAI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4640 20140425AISCJRAAI2
2014.04.25 Perarivalan advocate Mr.Prabhu details on the judgement 25 April 2014 20140425ONPAMDJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4648 20140425ONPAMDJ2
2014.04.25 Seeman comments on Supreme Court judgement on Perarivalan release 25 April 2014 20140425SSBCSCJPR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4644 20140425SSBCSCJPR2
2014.04.25 Seeman -2010-04-25- Speech @ T.Nagar -HQ 20140425SSPTN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5655 20140425SSPTN2
2014.04.25 Tholar Thiyagu, CBI Ragothaman, Gopanna debate on SC Judgement on Perarivalan release 25Apr2014 20140425TTCRGDSJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4642 20140425TTCRGDSJ2
2014.04.26 Ayyanathan debates on Jayalalitha, Mamata won’t support Modi as PM 26 April 2014 20140426ADJMWSM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4624 20140426ADJMWSM2
2014.04.26 Ayyanathan debates with Advocate Balu on Ramadoss statement 26 April 2014 20140426ADWABRS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4630 20140426ADWABRS2
2014.04.27 Makkal Munnal 27 April 2014 Political parties role in the development of younger generation 20140427MMPPRDYG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4622 20140427MMPPRDYG2
2014.04.27 Seeman Interview on 2G Scam & DMK and Current Chargesheet – Jaya TV 27 April 2014 20140427SIGSDMKCC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4616 20140427SIGSDMKCC2
2014.04.30 Perarivalan advocate Tada Chandrasekaran speaks to Press after meeting him 30 April 2014 20140430PATCSPAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4604 20140430PATCSPAM2
2014.05.02 Ayyanathan debates on TN vs India on Chennai Central twin blast investigation 2May2014 20140502ADTNTCCTBI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4598 20140502ADTNTCCTBI2
2014.05.03 Ayyanathan debates on India’s GDP 3May2014 20140503ADIGDP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4594 20140503ADIGDP2
2014.05.03 Seeman protest against Railways for neglecting Tamil employees 3 May 2014 20140503SPARNTE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4588 20140503SPARNTE2
2014.05.04 Makkal Munnal 4 May 2014 Indian Economy Policy 20140504SDMMIEP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4596 20140504SDMMIEP2
2014.05.07 Seeman Interview on Arrest of Tamils who come to Tamil Nadu as refugees 7 May 2014 20140507SPIATWCTNR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4582 20140507SPIATWCTNR2
2014.05.08 Seeman Interview on SC Judgement on Kudankulam Issue 8 May 2014 20140508SISCJKI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4576 20140508SISCJKI2
2014.05.10 Ayyanathan Debates on Priyanka Gandhi Statement on Parties Getting Majority in 2014 MP Election 10 May 2014 20140510ADPRSPGM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4552 20140510ADPRSPGM2
2014.05.11 Makkal Munnal 11 May 2014 Today’s Tamil Family 20140511SDMMTTF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4554 20140511SDMMTTF2
2014.06.11 Seeman Speech at NTK HQ, Chenai for Pavalareru Pulavar Perunchithiranar 11 June 2014 20140611SSNTKHQCPPP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4542 20140611SSNTKHQCPPP2
2014.06.14 NGO Affecting India’s Development debate by Ayyanathan 14 June 2014 20140614NAIDDBA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4540 20140614NAIDDBA2
2014.06.16 Naam Tamilar Katchi 16 June 2014 Kolgai Vilakka Pothukoottam at Sivakasi 20140616NTKKVPS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4524 20140616NTKKVPS2
2014.06.16 Shocking Info about Vaiko. Why Vaiko is against Alcohol but not against Smoking (Tobacco Products) 16 June 2014 20140616SIAVWVAA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4510 20140616SIAVWVAA2
2014.06.16 Vijayakanth Comedy – New meaning for the ‘Victory Symbol’ shown by MGR by Isai Mathivanan 16 June 2014 20140616VCNMVSSMI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4512 20140616VCNMVSSMI2
2014.06.16 Why Vijayakanth like Lotus (BJP) very much 16 June 2014 20140616WVLLBJPVM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4508 20140616WVLLBJPVM2
2014.06.17 Muslims vs Tamils – International, National & Regional Politics by Seeman 17June2014 20140617MVTINRPS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4530 20140617MVTINRPS2
2014.06.17 (Must Watch) Selva Bharathy about Seeman & Appa Manivannan during Appa Manivannan 1st Year Anniversary 17 June 2014 20140617SBASAMDAP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4516 20140617SBASAMDAP2
2014.06.17 Seeman 17 June 2014 Speech at Chennai for First Year Anniversary of Director Appa Manivannan 20140617SSCFYADAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4532 20140617SSCFYADAM2
2014.06.18 Muslims attacked in Sri Lanka & How Muslims were separated from Tamils by Sri Lanka Govt 18June2014 20140618ADMASHSWS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4538 20140618ADMASHSWS2
2014.06.18 Proportional Representation, Solar Energy, Attack on Muslims in Sri Lanka by Ayyanathan on 18 June 2014 20140618ADPRSEAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4536 20140618ADPRSEAM2
2014.06.21 Why BJP wants to change Governors appointed by Congress -Ayyanathan Debates -21 June 2014 20140621ADWBWCGAC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4528 20140621ADWBWCGAC2
2014.06.22 Seeman 22 June 2014 Speech at Cheppakkam, Chennai for Attack on Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka 20140622SSPVVA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4526 20140622SSPVVA2
2014.06.23 Ayyanathan 23 June 2014 Debates on Hindi, DMK, Fishermen & Sri Lankan Movie 20140623ADHDFSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4520 20140623ADHDFSL2
2014.06.23 Hindi Imposition by BJP – Ayyanathan Debates on 23 June 2014 in Puthiya Thalaimurai TV 20140623ADHIBJP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4522 20140623ADHIBJP2
2014.06.23 Sri Lankan movie screening at Chennai – Ayyanathan Debates – 23 June 2014 20140623ADSLMSC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4518 20140623ADSLMSC2
2014.06.25 Seeman 25 June 2014 Protest at Kovai against Kerala by stopping food stuffs from Tamilnadu on Siruvani Water Issue 20140625SSOKAKS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4514 20140625SSOKAKS2
2014.06.27 Surya & Jayam Ravi to act in Seeman’s movie Kovam 27 June 2014 20140627SNSJRASMK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4506 20140627SNSJRASMK2
2014.07.17 Dheeran Chinnamalai vs Che Guevara (20140717) & Seeman Veeravanakkam to Dheeran Chinnamalai (20140803) 20140717SSBDCCG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4486 20140717SSBDCCG2
2014.07.17 Seeman 17 July 2014 Speech at Karaikudi to remove ban on Jallikattu & Bullock Cart Racing 20140717SSKRBJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4490 20140717SSKRBJ2
2014.07.19 Phone Interview on his Arrest on Melur Toll Gate Issue – Seeman 19 July 2014 20140719SIPIAMTGI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5981 20140719SIPIAMTGI2
2014.07.19 Press Interview after getting Bail on Melur Toll Gate Issue – Seeman 19 July 2014 Part 1 20140719SPIAGBMTGI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5960 20140719SPIAGBMTGI2
2014.07.25 High Toll Gate Charges debate by Ayyanathan on 25th July 2014 20140725ADHTGCD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5954 20140725ADHTGCD2
2014.07.25 Ayyanathan 25 July 2014 Tollgate Issue Debate Clips 20140725ADTIDC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5963 20140725ADTIDC2
2014.07.25 Seeman Speech at Mosakutty Movie Audio Launch 25 July 2014 20140725SSMMAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4478 20140725SSMMAL2
2014.07.26 GM Comedy & Your Seed (Sperm) will also get robbed soon (GM – Genetically Modified) by Seeman 20140726 20140726SSBGCYSWA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4484 20140726SSBGCYSWA2
2014.07.26 Toll Gate Comedy & Robbery using Knife vs Barricade by Seeman 20140726 20140726SSBTGCRUKB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4482 20140726SSBTGCRUKB2
2014.07.26 Seeman 26 July 2014 Speech at Thiruperumbudur (Sriperumbudur) for Ayothidasa Pandithar & Kamaraj event 20140726SSPTSAPKR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4504 20140726SSPTSAPKR2
2014.07.31 Why Sonia Gandhi did not become PM – Ayyanathan Debates 31July 2014 20140731ADWSGNBPM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4496 20140731ADWSGNBPM2
2014.08.01 Seeman Condemns Sri Lanka (SL) for disgracing TN CM on SL Defense Website 1st August 2014 20140801SCSLDTNCMDDW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4500 20140801SCSLDTNCMDDW2
2014.08.02 Naam Tamilar Joins hands with Manithaneya Makkal Katchi to help public at Gudalur, Nilgiris 2 August 2014 20140802NTKNJHMMK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4494 20140802NTKNJHMMK2
2014.08.03 We are considering SL Defense Website Issue as very serious and will protest heavily – Seeman 3 August 2014 20140803SNWACSDWIVSW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4488 20140803SNWACSDWIVSW2
2014.08.04 When Sri Lankan Navy Attacks There is a Logic, But if Indian Navy Attacks What is The Logic 20130804 20140804NTKNWSLNAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5199 20140804NTKNWSLNAT2
2014.08.08 Wrong News From Thanthi TV – Vijay should come to politics says Seeman 8 August 2014 20140808SNWNFTVSCPSS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4474 20140808SNWNFTVSCPSS2
2014.08.08 Seeman Speech at Nadodi Vamsam Audio Launch 8 August 2014 20140808SSNVAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4457 20140808SSNVAL2
2014.08.09 Protest against Genocide in Palestine & Eelam (Sri Lanka) 9 August 2014 20140809NEPAGPE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4471 20140809NEPAGPE2
2014.08.09 Statewide Protest against Genocide at Gaza, Palestine 9 August 2014 20140809NNSPAGGP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4467 20140809NNSPAGGP2
2014.08.09 Seeman 9 August 2014 Interview after protest against Genocide in Palestine & Eelam Sri Lanka 20140809SIAPAGP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4469 20140809SIAPAGP2
2014.08.09 Seeman stand on Kathi movie & Rises various questions about Lyca Issue 9 August 2014 20140809SSKMRVQALI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4461 20140809SSKMRVQALI2
2014.08.10 Seeman BGM Part 1 10 August 2014 20140810SSBSBGM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4465 20140810SSBSBGM2
2014.08.10 Seeman 10 August 2014 Interview to JilJil Radio on Kathi & Lyca Issue 20140810SSIJRKLI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4459 20140810SSIJRKLI2
2014.08.12 Ayyanathan Debates on Kaththi & Pulippaarvai Issue in Vivadha Medai, SUN TV 12 August 2014 20140812ADKPIVM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4409 20140812ADKPIVM2
2014.08.12 Seeman 12 August 2014 Interview to Kumudam 20140812SSIK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4413 20140812SSIK2
2014.08.15 Seeman announces protest and India should not participate in Sri Lanka Defense Forum 15 August 2014 20140815SSBAPISPSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4455 20140815SSBAPISPSL2
2014.08.16 Seeman 16 August 2014 Speech at Puliparvai Audio Launch High Quality Video 20140816SSPAL1
2014.08.16 Seeman Speech at Puliparvai Audio Launch 16 August 2014 20140816SSPAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4426 20140816SSPAL2
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4453 20140816SSPAL2
2014.08.16 Seeman 16 August 2014 Wants Scenes deleted from Pulipaarvai 20140816SSWSDFP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4420 20140816SSWSDFP2
2014.08.17 Naam Tamilar & BJP, Increasing suicide in Eelam, BJP form new National Team 17Aug2014 20140817ADNTBJPISE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4432 20140817ADNTBJPISE2
2014.08.17 2016 Election & Naam Tamilar, Toll Plaza Issue 17 Aug 2014 Part 5 20140817ENTTPI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4440 20140817ENTTPI2
2014.08.17 Kaththi Movie, Lyca, 1500 Crores Money 17 August 2014 Part 2 20140817KMLCM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4438 20140817KMLCM2
2014.08.17 Naam Tamilar Protested at Cheanni against India participating in Sri Lanka Defense Conference 17 August 2014 20140817NTKNPCAIPSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4428 20140817NTKNPCAIPSL2
2014.08.17 Seeman Interview to Agni Paritchai 17 Aug 2014 Full (All Five Parts) 20140817SIAPF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4434 20140817SIAPF2
2014.08.17 Seeman Interview to Agni Paritchai Promo 17 August 2014 20140817SIAPP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4448 20140817SIAPP2
2014.08.17 Pala Nedumaran & Tamil Nation Party Coalition, Caste System, Other State People in TN 17Aug2014 Part 3 20140817SIBPNTNPCCSO1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4436 20140817SIBPNTNPCCSO2
2014.08.17 Tamil Language Growth during Dravidian Parties Rule, Who are Tamils, Non Tamil Rulers of Tamil Nadu 17Aug2014 Part 1 20140817SIBTLGDDPRW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4444 20140817SIBTLGDDPRW2
2014.08.17 Why Kaththi movie not other events that have happened and happening 17August2014 20140817SIBWKM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4430 20140817SIBWKM2
2014.08.17 Why you support AIADMK, 2009 Eelam Ware & TN Political Parties, AIADMK Soft on BJP 17Aug2014 Part 4 20140817SIBWSAEWTN PP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4442 20140817SIBWSAEWTN PP2
2014.08.17 Interview Clip on Tollgate Issue – Seeman 17 August 2014 20140817SICTI1
2014.08.17 Seeman 17 August 2014 Interview Clip on Tollgate Issue 20140817SICTI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4440 20140817SICTI2
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5957 20140817SICTI2
2014.08.17 Why Jayalalitha and not Vaiko – reasons Seeman 17 March 2014 20140817SNWJNVR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4820 20140817SNWJNVR2
2014.08.17 Seeman Press Interview 17 August 2014 (Medium Quality) during Sri Lankan Embassy Siege at Chennai 20140817SPIMQDS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4422 20140817SPIMQDS2
2014.08.17 Speech Clips from Seeman Speech on 17 August 2014 20140817SSBC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4446 20140817SSBC2
2014.08.17 Seeman Speech 17 August 2014 (Medium Quality) during Sri Lankan Embassy Siege at Chennai 20140817SSDSLESC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4424 20140817SSDSLESC2
2014.08.18 Naam Tamilar Katchi Manavar Pasarai 18 August 2014 Condtion to Pulipaarvai Movie Team & Attack on Students 20140818IKPMP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4418 20140818IKPMP2
2014.08.18 Pressmeet regarding attack on Students at Pulipaarvai Audio Launch – Naam Tamilar Katchi Manavar Pasarai 18 August 2014 20140818NTKPRASPAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4416 20140818NTKPRASPAL2
2014.08.19 Seeman Speech at Fast Protest by Real Estate Agents & Land Developers 19 August 2014 20140819SSFPREAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4411 20140819SSFPREAL2
2014.08.20 Ayyanathan Debates on Lyca & Kaththi Issue 20 August 2014 20140820ADLKI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4405 20140820ADLKI2
2014.08.20 Arivuselvan Debates on Pulipaarvai Issue 20 August 2014 20140820ADPI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4399 20140820ADPI2
2014.08.20 Kaththi, Pulipaarvai Issue debate by Ayyanathan, RK Selvamani 20 August 2014 20140820KPIDARKS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4415 20140820KPIDARKS2
2014.08.20 Seeman Pressmeet on Kaththi & Pulipaarvai Issue 20 August 2014 20140820SPKPI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4401 20140820SPKPI2
2014.08.21 Ayyanathan Debates on Kashmir Issue Pakistan vs India 21 August 2014 20140821ADKIPI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4397 20140821ADKIPI2
2014.08.22 Ayyanathan Debates on India’s Impact on Livelihood of Eelam Tamils 22 August 2014 20140822ADIILET1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4407 20140822ADIILET2
2014.08.23 Seeman Speech at Trichy for Sengkodi Veeravanakkam 23 August 2014 20140823SSSVT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5860 20140823SSSVT2
2014.08.26 Seeman Debates about TESO in Ayutha Ezhuthu, Thanthi TV 26 August 2014 20140826SDATAET1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4391 20140826SDATAET2
2014.08.27 Only Naam Tamilar Katchi can solve Tamil Nadu problems – Seeman 27 August 2014 20140827SNONTKCSTNP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4389 20140827SNONTKCSTNP2
2014.08.31 Seeman Press Interview during Fast Protest at Valluvar Kootam 31 August 2014 20140831SPIDFPVK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5866 20140831SPIDFPVK2
2014.08.31 Seeman Speech at Valluvar Kottam for Fast Protest against Rajapaksa speaking in UN (Audio & Video) 31 August 2014 20140831SSAVKPAR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5857 20140831SSAVKPAR2
2014.08.31 Seeman 31 Aug ’14 Speech at Valluvar Kottam for Fast Protest against Rajapaksa speaking in UN MQ (Medium Quality) 20140831SSVKFPA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5845 20140831SSVKFPA2
2014.09.01 Ayyanathan 20140901 Debates on Guru Utsav, Youngster in Politics, Modi & TNA, Religious Wishes 20140901ADGUYPMR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5854 20140901ADGUYPMR2
2014.09.04 Seeman 4 September 2014 Speech at Peraiyur for Save the Nature & Take Back Lost Land 20140904SSPSN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5848 20140904SSPSN2
2014.09.13 Seeman 13 September 2014 Speech at Protest against GUILD for not allowing Tamil 20140913SSPAGNAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5839 20140913SSPAGNAT2
2014.09.14 Seeman & Idumbavanam Karthik Speech & Press Interview – 14 September 2014 20140914SSPIIK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5921 20140914SSPIIK2
2014.09.15 Speech at Thanjavur for Nammalvar Memorial (High Quality) Seeman 15 September 2014 20140915SSSTNMHQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6033 20140915SSSTNMHQ2
2014.09.15 Seeman 15 September 2014 Speech at Thanjavur for Nammalvar Memorial 20140915SSTNM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5842 20140915SSTNM2
2014.09.16 Ayyanathan Hot Debate on DMK vs Naam Tamilar & Other Issues 16 September 2014 20140916ADHDMKNT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5836 20140916ADHDMKNT2
2014.09.17 Kaththi Movie Issue & Lyca Connection with Rajapaksa – Ayyanathan Debates on 17 September 2014 20140917ADKMILCWR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5829 20140917ADKMILCWR2
2014.09.18 Hot Debate on BJP Sending Representative to Sri Lanka – 18 September 2014 – Seeman Debates 20140918SDHDBJPSRSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5826 20140918SDHDBJPSRSL2
2014.09.18 (Full) Hot Debate on BJP Sending Representative to Sri Lanka – 18 September 2014 – Seeman Debates 20140918SDHDBSPSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5813 20140918SDHDBSPSL2
2014.09.19 Life Threat for Naam Tamilar & Eelam Supporters in Malaysia by Sri Lankan Government 19 September 2014 20140919NTITILTNTES1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5810 20140919NTITILTNTES2
2014.09.19 Seeman Speech at Kundrathur for Sengkodi event – 19 September 2014 20140919SSKSE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5950 20140919SSKSE2
2014.09.21 Dhuruvan Selvamani 21 September 2014 Speech at Pallipalayam, Namakkal for 136th Periyar Birthday 20140921DSPN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5804 20140921DSPN2
2014.09.21 Speech at Pallipalayam, Namakkal for 136th Periyar Birthday – Seeman 21 September 2014 – High Quality 20140921SSPNPB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6066 20140921SSPNPB2
2014.09.21 Seeman Speech at Pallipalayam, Namakkal for 136th Periyar Birthday on 21st September 2014 20140921SSPPN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5807 20140921SSPPN2
2014.09.23 Language Policy of Indian Central Government – Seeman 23 September 2014 Speech at Sacred Heart Seminary 20140923SSLPICG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5820 20140923SSLPICG2
2014.09.23 Seeman 23 September 2014 Speech at Tailors Union Event 20140923SSTUE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5798 20140923SSTUE2
2014.09.24 Crude oil pipeline leak in Tamil Nadu damages agricultural land for farming 24 September 2014 20140924ODCOPLTNDAL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5869 20140924ODCOPLTNDAL2
2014.09.25 Message to Tamils Working OR Living in Gulf Countries – Seeman 25 September 2014 20140925SIMTWOLGC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5896 20140925SIMTWOLGC2
2014.09.25 Press Interview during protest against Mahinda Rajapaksa speaking in UN (Audio Only) – Seeman 25 September 2014 20140925SPIDPAMRS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5887 20140925SPIDPAMRS2
2014.09.25 Speech & Press Interview during protest against Mahinda Rajapaksa speaking in UN – Seeman 25 September 2014 20140925SSPPIDPPAMR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5890 20140925SSPPIDPPAMR2
2014.09.26 Seeman 26 September 2014 Speech at Lt. Col. Thileepan Event 20140926SSLCTE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5873 20140926SSLCTE2
2014.09.26 Speech at Lt. Col. Thileepan Event (Good Quality) – Seeman 26 September 2014 20140926SSLCTEGQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5904 20140926SSLCTEGQ2
2014.09.28 Jayalalitha Arrest & AIADMK Future Debate by Ayyanathan on 28 September 2014 20140928ADJAAFD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5883 20140928ADJAAFD2
2014.10.02 Seeman Speech at Malad, Mumbai for Kolgai Vilakkam Pothukootam 19th January 2014 20141002SSMMKVP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4943 20141002SSMMKVP2
2014.10.03 President Rule in Tamil Nadu, Sarita Devi, Clean India Debate by Ayyanathan on 3rd October 2014 20141003ADPRTNSD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5946 20141003ADPRTNSD2
2014.10.11 Press Interview about Jayalalitha Bail, Vijayakanth & NTK Growth – Seeman 11 October 2014 20141011SPIAJBVNTKG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6060 20141011SPIAJBVNTKG2
2014.10.11 Speech at Pollachi for Kamarajar & Ma Po Si – Seeman 11 October 2014 20141011SSKMPS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6050 20141011SSKMPS2
2014.10.13 Speech at Thirukkanur, Puducherry – Seeman 13 October 2014 (High Quality) 20141013SSPTPHQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6063 20141013SSPTPHQ2
2013.02.22 Debates on Kaththi movie release for Diwali – Ayyanathan 22 October 2014 20141022ADKMRFD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6053 20141022ADKMRFD2
2014.10.26 Press Interview on Attack on Tamils by Karnataka and Milk Price Hike – Seeman 26 October 2014 20141026SPIATKMPH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6080 20141026SPIATKMPH2
2014.10.27 Speech at Salem for Kolgai Vilakka Pothukoottam – Seeman 27 October 2014 20141027SSSKVP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6153 20141027SSSKVP2
2014.10.30 நீங்க எல்லாருமே போயிட்டாலும்……இது யாரு….பெரியப்பா 20141030, 20150108, 20141219 20141030SSBNPNI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10124 20141030SSBNPNI2
2014.11.01 Problems inside Congress & Gnanadesikan Resignation – Ayyanathan 1 November 2014 Debate 20141101ADPICGR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6105 20141101ADPICGR2
2014.11.01 Seeman Photos 01 November 2014 Kanyakumari 20141101SPNOVKA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6098 20141101SPNOVKA2
2014.11.01 Seeman Speech at Melpuram Junction – Kanyakumari 1 November 2014 20141101SSMJK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10418 20141101SSMJK2
2014.11.02 Statement on Death Sentence for TN Fishermen & Announces Protest – Seeman 2 November 2014 20141102SNSDSTNFAP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6165 20141102SNSDSTNFAP2
2014.11.03 Press Interview at Delhi from Commemorating 30th year of Sikh Genocide event & Comments on TN Fishermen Issue – Seeman 3 November 2014 20141103SPIDFCSG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6175 20141103SPIDFCSG2
2014.11.03 Speech at Delhi at 30th Anniversary of Genocide of Sikhs – Seeman 3 November 2014 20141103SSDAGOS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6240 20141103SSDAGOS2
2014.11.06 Press Interview, Speech & Protest against Death Sentence for Tamil Nadu Fishermen by Sri Lankan Government – Seeman 6 November 2014 20141106SPISPADSFT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6251 20141106SPISPADSFT2
2014.11.06 Seeman makes fun of Clean India Project by Narendra Modi Government – 6 November 2014 20141106SSBMFCIP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6258 20141106SSBMFCIP2
2014.11.06 Speech against Death Sentence for Tamil Nadu Fishermen by Sri Lankan Government – Seeman 6 November 2014 20141106SSDSTNF1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6236 20141106SSDSTNF2
2014.11.06 Seeman Speech & Naam Tamilar Protest against death sentence for TN Fishermen by SL Govt. – 6 November 2014 20141106SSNTPDS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6233 20141106SSNTPDS2
2014.11.10 Seeman debates on United Sri Lanka 10 November 2014 -Kelvi Neram -News7Tamil 20141110SDUSLKN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6274 20141110SDUSLKN2
2014.11.15 Kelvikkenna Bathil – Interview With Seeman (15/11/2014) 20141115SINTWSKN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=8768 20141115SINTWSKN2
2014.11.15 Seeman Interview to Kelvikkenna Bathil on 15th November 2014 in Thanthi TV 20141115SITKBAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6290 20141115SITKBAT2
2014.11.20 Seeman Speech (Good Audio) at Korattur, Chennai for Thalaivar 60th Birthday-2014/11/20 20141120SSGAKOR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6361 20141120SSGAKOR2
2014.11.20 Seeman Speech at Korattur, Chennai for Thalaivar 60th Birthday -20 November 2014 20141120SSKCTB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6643 20141120SSKCTB2
2014.11.20 Seeman Speech at Korattur, Chennai for Thalaivar 60th Birthday -20 November 2014 20141120SSKORCTB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6318 20141120SSKORCTB2
2014.11.21 Seeman Speech (High Quality) Maaveerar Naal at Virugambakkam, Chennai -21 November 2014 20141121SSHQMNAV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=7193 20141121SSHQMNAV2
2014.11.21 Seeman Maaveerar Naal Speech at Virugambakkam, Chennai -21 November 2014 20141121SSMANASV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6374 20141121SSMANASV2
2014.11.24 Seeman about Rajinikanth, TN Fishermen, GK Vasan, Jayalalitha, Kudankulam, 2016 Election 24 November 2014 20141124SSBARTNFG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=7351 20141124SSBARTNFG2
2014.11.26 Seeeam Speech at Tiruvottiyur for Thalaivar Birthday -2014/11/26 20141126SSTITHBI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=9521 20141126SSTITHBI2
2014.11.28 Seeman debates on GK Vasan new political party 28 November 2014 20141128SDGKVNPP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=7381 20141128SDGKVNPP2
2014.12.09 Seeman Speech at Thiruthuraipoondi (Full & Uncut) 09 December 2014 20141209SSTPFU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10110 20141209SSTPFU2
2014.12.12 Seeman Debates on “Elimination of LTTE has increased India Sri Lanka relationship” -12 December 2014 20141212SDELIISL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=9420 20141212SDELIISL2
2014.12.15 Seeman Speech at Panruti 15 December 2014 20141215SSATPAN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10113 20141215SSATPAN2
2014.12.20 Seeman Speech at Pothukuzhu Koottam at Ambattur -20 December 2014 20141220SSPKAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10153 20141220SSPKAM2
2014.12.21 Seeman Speech at Valluvar Kottam on Railway Employment Issue (Hight Quality) 21 December 2014 20141221SSAVKREI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10116 20141221SSAVKREI2
2014.12.24 Seeman Speech at Nagapattinam on 24 December 2014 20141224SSANADE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10341 20141224SSANADE2
2014.12.24 UNCUT | Seeman Speech at Nagapattinam 24 December 2014 20141224SSANAUNC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10499 20141224SSANAUNC2
2014.12.24 Seeman Speech at Nagapattinam (Version 2 Video) 24 December 2014 20141224SSATNAGV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10349 20141224SSATNAGV2
2014.12.24 Tax for Breast & Nipples and Hindutva | முலை வரி மார்பு வரி 24 December 2014 20141224SSBTBNAH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10566 20141224SSBTBNAH2
2014.12.24 வாடா… பள்ளப்பயலே….! வாடா சக்கிலியப்பயலே…!! வாடா பறப்பயலே…!!! வாங்க பாய்….!!!! 20141224 20141224SSPUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10822 20141224SSPUU2
2014.12.27 Statue for Godse vs Statue for Dhanu 27 December 2014 20141227SSBPPT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10591 20141227SSBPPT2
2014.12.27 BEST SPEECH | Seeman Speech at Poonamallee 27 December 2014 20141227SSBSPD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10496 20141227SSBSPD2
2014.12.30 Seeman Speech at G Nammalvar Veeravanakkam Event Chennai NTK Headquaters 30 December 2014 20141230SSGNVECN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10106 20141230SSGNVECN2
2015.01.09 Seeman Debates on Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election Results 9 January 2015 20150109SDSLPER1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10130 20150109SDSLPER2
2015.01.10 Seeman Speech & Press Interview at Lingaa movie Distributors Hunger Protest 10 January 2015 20150110SSPILMDH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10135 20150110SSPILMDH2
2015.01.11 Seeman explanation on Ayyanathan issue 11 January 2015 20150111SEONAYI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10149 20150111SEONAYI2
2015.01.11 Seeman Interview to Makkalukkaga in Polimer TV 11 January 2015 20150111SIMPTVJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10146 20150111SIMPTVJ2
2015.01.18 IPL vs JPL (Indian Premier League vs Jallikattu Premier League) 18 January 2015 20150118SSBIPLJPL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10275 20150118SSBIPLJPL2
2015.01.18 Seeman Speech at Trichy for Silambam Thiruvila 2015 Junuary 18 20150118SSTSTV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10179 20150118SSTSTV2
2015.01.23 NTK Pongal Event at Poonamallee 23 Januvary 2015 20150123NTKPEP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10205 20150123NTKPEP2
2015.01.23 Naam Tamilar Katchi Speech at Thevaram, Theni 23 January 2015 20150123NTKSTHT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10188 20150123NTKSTHT2
2015.01.25 Seeman Pressmeet Karaikudi, Sivagangai – 25 January 2015 20150125SPNKS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11192 20150125SPNKS2
2015.01.29 Seeman Speech at Muthukumar Veeravanakkam Event 29 January 2015 20150129SSMUVEERE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10196 20150129SSMUVEERE2
2015.01.31 Seeman Speech for Muthukumar 6th Ninaiventhal Udankudi at Thoothukudi 31 January 2015 20150131SSFMSNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10219 20150131SSFMSNU2
2015.01.31 Seeman Speech at Udangudi (Near Thiruchendur) Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) for 6th Muthukumar Event (Video Source 2) 31 January 2015 20150131SSUDANTT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10395 20150131SSUDANTT2
2015.02.01 Seeman Speech – Aathi Thamizhar Viduthalai Iyakkam Event – Loyola College – 01 February 2015 20150201SSATVIELC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10209 20150201SSATVIELC2
2015.02.07 அண்ணி பேச்சு 7 பிப்ரவரி 2015 20150207KASPATP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10214 20150207KASPATP2
2015.02.07 NTK Speech at Palani for Veera Thamilar Munani Thuvakka Vizha 07 February 2015 20150207NTKSPVTMTV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10220 20150207NTKSPVTMTV2
2015.02.10 Seeman Interview about Law College Protest and Aam Aadmi Victory on 10 February 2015 20150210SIALCPAAV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10243 20150210SIALCPAAV2
2015.02.11 Seeman Speech – Thanjavur 11 February 2015 20150211SSTHFE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10254 20150211SSTHFE2
2015.02.12 Seeman Speech at Ramanathapuram on 12 February 2015 20150212SSRAMON1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10356 20150212SSRAMON2
2015.02.15 Seeman Speech at Pudukkottai for Suba Muthukumar Memorial Event 15 February 2015 20150215SSPFSMME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10368 20150215SSPFSMME2
2015.02.16 Manikandan Kodavasal – Invites to Trichy Manadu – 16 February 2015 20150216TIUKT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10857 20150216TIUKT2
2015.02.18 NTK Anbu Thennarasan Invites to Trichy Manadu 18 February 2015 20150218ATIITM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10375 20150218ATIITM2
2015.02.18 NTK Magesh Invites to Trichy Manadu 18 February 2015 20150218NTKMITMA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10409 20150218NTKMITMA2
2015.02.18 NTK Rajan Selvaraj Invites to Trichy Manadu 18 February 2015 20150218NTKRSITM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10379 20150218NTKRSITM2
2015.02.18 Naam Tamilar Katchi Senthil Invites to Trichy Manadu 18 February 2015 20150218NTKTIITMA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10387 20150218NTKTIITMA2
2015.02.18 Naam Tamilar Katchi Sudar Invites to Trichy Manadu 18 February 2015 20150218NTKTITM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10388 20150218NTKTITM2
2015.02.18 NTK Thirumalai Swamynathan Invites to Trichy Manadu 18 February 2015 20150218NTKTSNITM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10380 20150218NTKTSNITM2
2015.02.18 Seeman Debates on Delay in UN Report on Sri Lanka War Crimes 18 February 2015 20150218SDDUNRSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10289 20150218SDDUNRSL2
2015.02.21 Seeman Interview to Ananda Vikatan on 21 February 2015 20150221SIANVIK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10330 20150221SIANVIK2
2015.02.21 (HD)| Seeman Answers to Public Question on Live TV Show in News 7 Tamil 21 February 2015 20150221SIHDAPQ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10333 20150221SIHDAPQ2
2015.02.21 (HQ)| Seeman Interview to Ananda Vikatan on 21 February 2015 20150221SIHQAV1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10345 20150221SIHQAV2
2015.02.21 Seeman Answers to Public Question on Live TV Show in News 7 Tamil 21 February 2015 20150221SSBAPQLT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10313 20150221SSBAPQLT2
2015.02.21 Seeman vs Suba Vee -Tamilan vs Dravidian 21 February 2015 & 16 February 2015 20150221SSBSVTD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10327 20150221SSBSVTD2
2015.02.21 Seeman Speech at Mar Gregorios Arts and Science College, Mogappair, Chennai 21 February 2015 20150221SSMGASCM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10402 20150221SSMGASCM2
2015.02.21 Seeman Speech at M.N.M Jain College Thuraipakkam 21 February 2015 20150221SSMNMJCT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10365 20150221SSMNMJCT2
2015.02.22 Seeman Speech at Chennai Naam Tamilar Katchi Headquarters for 4th Year Parvathi Amma Memorial Event 22 February 2015 20150222SSCNTKH1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10353 20150222SSCNTKH2
2015.02.24 Kalaimugilan Interview – Fight Between Tamils in Malaysia Gangs – 24 February 2015 20150224KMIFBTMG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10321 20150224KMIFBTMG2
2015.02.27 Naam Tamilar Katchi 27 February 2015 Speech at Kandanchavadi for Therumunai Kootam 20150227NTKSKC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10459 20150227NTKSKC2
2015.02.28 Kalaimugilan Interview on Klang Pattimandram Issue 28 February 2015 20150228KIKPIS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10426 20150228KIKPIS2
2015.02.28 Seeman Speech at Tirupattur, Vellore for Muthukumar Memorial Event 28 February 15 20150228SSTVMME1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10535 20150228SSTVMME2
2015.03.05 நாம் தமிழர் மாணவர் பாசறையின் மாநிலக் கலந்தாய்வுக்கூட்டம் சென்னையில் நடந்தது | 5 March 2015 20150305NTKTNNSA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11219 20150305NTKTNNSA2
2015.03.06 Jaleel Aleem (NTK Tholar) Debate in Puthu Puthu Arthangal 6 March 2015 20150306JDPPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10706 20150306JDPPU2
2015.03.07 Arivuselvan Debates on Modi Visit to Sri Lanka 07 March 2015 20150307ADMVSLA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10548 20150307ADMVSLA2
2015.03.07 Valluvar is a Aryan | Seeman Predictions Comes True | 28 March 2015 & 07 March 2015 20150307SIBUPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10876 20150307SIBUPU2
2015.03.07 (AUDIO ONLY) Seeman Speech at Saligramam, Chennai for Kolgai Vilakkam Pothu Kootam 07 March 2015 20150307SSAOSCK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10541 20150307SSAOSCK2
2015.03.07 Seeman Speech at Saligramam, Chennai for Kolgai Vilakkam Pothu Kootam 07 March 2015 20150307SSSCKVPK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10558 20150307SSSCKVPK2
2015.03.10 Seeman Comments on Narendra Modi visit to Sri Lanka 10 March 2015 20150310SSBCNMSL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10573 20150310SSBCNMSL2
2015.03.12 Seeman Debates on Bomb blast at Puthiyathalaimurai TV – 12 March 2015 20150312SDNPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10612 20150312SDNPU2
2015.03.12 Seeman Press Interview during Protest against Narendra Modi Visit to Sri Lanka 12 March 2015 20150312SPPVC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10603 20150312SPPVC2
2015.03.12 நாக்கை தொங்க போட்டுக்கிட்டு விருந்து சாப்பிடப்போற எந்த மானங்கெட்டவனயாவது இந்த நாட்டுல பார்த்திருக்கீங்களா ? 12 மார்ச் 2015 20150312SSBPVC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10641 20150312SSBPVC2
2015.03.12 Seeman Speech at Protest against Modi Visit to Sri Lanka at Valluvar Kottam 12 March 2015 20150312SSPVC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10634 20150312SSPVC2
2015.03.13 Seeman vs Arulmozhi – Indian vs Pakistani & Tamilan vs Dravidian (13 March 2015 &21 February 2015) 20150313SDUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10699 20150313SDUUU2
2015.03.13 Seeman Speech bits from Engal Desam Book Release 13 March 2015 20150313SSBUEU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10660 20150313SSBUEU2
2015.03.13 Seeman Speech at Engal Desam Book Release 13 March 2014 20150313SSUEC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10677 20150313SSUEC2
2015.03.14 NTK Tholar’s Question to Advocate A. Arulmozhi 13 March 2015 20150314NDBKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10652 20150314NDBKNU2
2015.03.14 Does Seeman Tell the Truth – His Love for Animals 30 Dec”14 & 02 Mar”15 20150314SSBTVT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10669 20150314SSBTVT2
2015.03.15 Why Politicians speak loudly in Debates (20150312 & 20150310) 20150315SDBUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10681 20150315SDBUUU2
2015.03.16 Jaleel Aleem (NTK Tholar) Interview at Traditional Paddy Seed Show 16 March 2015 20150316JITTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10713 20150316JITTU2
2015.03.18 Help Naam Tamilar Malaysia in distributing Thirukural Books 18 March 2015 20150318NTITIHNM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10727 20150318NTITIHNM2
2015.03.19 Arivuselvan debates on Caste Violence in South Tamil Nadu 19 March 2015 20150319ADKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10748 20150319ADKNU2
2015.03.20 Kalaimugilan Interview to Thank & Calls to Join Hands with Naam Tamilar Malaysia 20 March 2015 20150320KIJTM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10767 20150320KIJTM2
2015.03.21 புரட்சியை கொச்சைப்படுத்தும் கருணாநிதி | மாறன் இந்தியாவுக்கு செய்த துரோகம் 21 மார்ச் 2015 20150321ODBKMAI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10788 20150321ODBKMAI2
2015.03.21 Who are Tamils according to Naam Tamilar Katchi (17 August 2014 & 21 February 2015) 20150321SDBUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10734 20150321SDBUUU2
2015.03.21 Game Wing, Methane , Land Acquisition & Nuclear Deal | Seeman | Press Interview | 21 March 2015 20150321SPGTY1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10773 20150321SPGTY2
2015.03.21 Achievement Award to Sarath Fonseka & Methane Project Stopped – 21 March 2015 20150321SPUUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10764 20150321SPUUU2
2015.03.22 Ilakkiya Vaanan Speech at Tamizhar Adaiyalam in Johor | 22 March 2015 20150322ISUJM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11439 20150322ISUJM2
2015.03.22 Kalaimugilan Speech at Unisel for Tamilar Tirunaal 22 March 2015 20150322KSUUM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10864 20150322KSUUM2
2015.03.22 Seeman 20150322 found Whistling and Enjoying the Si Pa Aditanar Game Wing activities 20150322SEFWESPA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10795 20150322SEFWESPA2
2015.03.22 Naam Tamilar Katchi is the only Political Party to have Game Wing | Seeman | 22 March 2015 20150322SPPTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10831 20150322SPPTU2
2015.03.24 Dinesh Raj (நெல்லை செதிரா) NTK Tholar and Maniarasan debated on Karnataka Mekedatu Dam on Cauvery River 24 March 2015 20150324TDMPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10849 20150324TDMPU2
2015.03.28 NTK Protest and Arrest on Mekedatu Dam Construction Issue at Thanjavur | 28 March 2015 20150328NPNUT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11193 20150328NPNUT2
2015.03.29 Seeman Speech at Pothukkoottam Sethiyathope Kadalur 29 March 2015 20150329SSPSK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10968 20150329SSPSK2
2015.04.02 Kalyanasundaram Debates on BJP Minister comment on Rajiv Gandhi marrying Nigerian Women 2 April 2015 20150402KDKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10981 20150402KDKNU2
2015.04.04 இனஎழுச்சிக் கருத்தரங்கம் | 4 April 2015 20150404NTKTNIEK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11221 20150404NTKTNIEK2
2015.04.04 Orissa Balu Presentation at Ilaignar Pasarai Seminar | 4 April 2015 20150404OSUAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11405 20150404OSUAT2
2015.04.04 NEWS | நாம் தமிழர் கட்சி 234 தொகுதிகளிலும் போட்டி: சீமான் 4 April 2015 20150404SNNTKE1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11172 20150404SNNTKE2
2015.04.04 AUDIO | Seeman Speech at Ilaignar Pasarai Seminar | 4 April 2015 20150404SSUAT1
2015.04.04 Seeman Speech at Ilaignar Pasarai Seminar | 4 April 2015 20150404SSUAT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11401 20150404SSUAT2
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11423 20150404SSUAT2
2015.04.05 Help Tamilan Seeman Videos | Manikandan Kodavasal | 5 April 2015 20150405MHITK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11118 20150405MHITK2
2015.04.05 Seeman Photos | 5 April 2015 20150405SPHNTKP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11217 20150405SPHNTKP2
2015.04.07 12 தமிழர்கள் ஆந்திர காவல்துறையினரால் சுட்டுக்கொலை | Andhra Police Encounters 20 Tamils | 7 April 2015 20150407ONNNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11246 20150407ONNNU2
2015.04.07 Tamil Labors beaten severly by Andhra Police 21 November 2014 20150407ONNTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11256 20150407ONNTU2
2015.04.07 Rajan Selvaraj Debate on Veera Tamilar Munnani & Kalaignar Comments on Hindus 7 April 2015 20150407RDKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11363 20150407RDKNU2
2015.04.07 Seeman Full Comments on Encounter of 12 Tamils by Andhra Police 7 April 2015 20150407SCUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11283 20150407SCUU2
2015.04.07 Seeman Debates on Encounter of Tamils by Andhra Police 7 April 2015 20150407SDNPU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11307 20150407SDNPU2
2015.04.07 Seeman Severely & Strongly Condemns Encounter of 12 Tamils by Andhra Police 7 April 2015 20150407SNNSU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11274 20150407SNNSU2
2015.04.08 தமிழகத்தில் மின்வெட்டு, மின் கட்டண உயர்வுக்கு மத்திய அரசுதான் காரணமா? 20150408ADKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11344 20150408ADKNU2
2015.04.08 Exclusive Interview for TSV by Arunkumar Who Resigned his Job on Recent Tamilar Issue 8 April 2015 20150408ANITU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11388 20150408ANITU2
2015.04.08 NTK Tholar’s Dinesh Raj (நெல்லை செதிரா), அ.கோ தங்கவேலு and Thiyagu debated on Killing of 20 Tamils 8 April 2015 20150408NDMOU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11476 20150408NDMOU2
2015.04.08 Naam Tamilar Protest at Andhra Club, T Nagar for Killing 20 Tamils 8 April 2015 20150408NPUTC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11331 20150408NPUTC2
2015.04.09 NTK Protest at Kundrathur against Andhra for Killing 20 Tamils 9 April 2015 20150409NPUKK1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11482 20150409NPUKK2
2015.04.09 Seeman Comments about Killing of 20 Tamils in Koppiyam, Raj TV 9 April 2015 20150409SPKRU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11393 20150409SPKRU2
2015.04.09 NEWS | “தமிழ் எழுத்துலகின் கம்பீர அடையாளம் ஜெயகாந்தன்”; “சிம்மக் குரலோன் நாகூர் ஹனீபா” – சீமான் புகழஞ்சலி 20150409STOUU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11383 20150409STOUU2
2015.04.10 Arunkumar Interview on his Resignation over 20 Tamils Encounter in Andhra | 10 April 2015 20150410AIUTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11618 20150410AIUTU2
2015.04.10 NTK Tholars hot question to K Veeramani 10 April 2015 20150410IKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11428 20150410IKNU2
2015.04.10 Kalaimugilan Thanks and Calls Tamils to Join Naam Tamilar Malaysia | 10 April 2015 20150410NIUUM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11442 20150410NIUUM2
2015.04.11 A Tamilan reaction to Andhra Association Press Interview 11 April 2015 20150411MPUTU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11496 20150411MPUTU2
2015.04.11 Naam Tamilar Kovilpatti arrested for protest at Andhra Bank for Killing 20 Tamils | 11 April 2015 20150411NPUKT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11493 20150411NPUKT2
2015.04.11 Seeman angrily questions Tamil Nadu rulers on pollution in Tamil Nadu | 11 April 2015 20150411SBUUUSATNP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11518 20150411SBUUUSATNP2
2015.04.13 Kalyanasundaram Debates on Thaali Removal Event by Dravida Kazhagam – 13 April 2015 20150413KDKNU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=11634 20150413KDKNU2
Clash between Naam Tamilar Katchi and Congress at Sathya Bhavan, Chennai 00000000NTKNCBNC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4862 00000000NTKNCBNC2
Protest at Sathyamoorthy Bhavan to release Perarivalan & other turns into clash between Naam Tamilar & Congress 00000000NTKNPSBP1
Tirupur NTK protest against Central Govt for not releasing 7 Tamils & for not bringing resolution in UNHRC against SL 00000000NTKPTACG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4811 00000000NTKPTACG2
Naam Tamilar Katchi Tholar’s speech for 2014 election campaign at Palayamkottai 00000000NTKSECAM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4765 00000000NTKSECAM2
NTK Thoothukudi S Pasumpon Speech about Sanskrit 11 December 00000000NTKSTSPS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10120 00000000NTKSTSPS2
Seeman took very clear & correct decision during 2014 MP election says Aloor Shanavas of VCK 20 August 00000000ODBSTVCD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4395 00000000ODBSTVCD2
Banning Jallikattu – Part 1 – Making Tamil Race An Unhealthy Race 00000000OIBBJMTRU1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4580 00000000OIBBJMTRU2
Annan Thiruma speaks more less like Annan Seeman on Lyca Issue (10Oct’14 & 9Aug’14) 00000000SIBATMLAS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5999 00000000SIBATMLAS2
Does Seeman speak the reality (Jallikattu) 20140719 & 20101005 00000000SIBDSSTRJ1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6008 00000000SIBDSSTRJ2
How & Why I became more famous than Pala Nedumaran and Kolathur Mani 00000000SIBHWFPN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4560 00000000SIBHWFPN2
Seeman is the only person who got money from Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and LTTE 00000000SIBSOPKJA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4562 00000000SIBSOPKJA2
Interview to Press during protest against Congress at Sathyamoorthy Bhavan, Chennai 00000000SIPDPCSA1
Seeman makes record in Tamil TV history by answering public people questions through Google Hangout in Thanthi TV 4 00000000SNMRTHAP1
Seeman’s Opinion on “Sri Lanka Court Gives Capital Punishment to 5 TN Fishermen” 00000000SNOSLCGC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6089 00000000SNOSLCGC2
Vikatan TV Bloopers | Seeman | Vijaykanth | Powerstar | Durai Murugan 00000000SNVTVBVP1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10412 00000000SNVTVBVP2
Was NTK first to voice against Tollgate burglary 00000000SONTKVATB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10810 00000000SONTKVATB2
Seeman prediction about BJP drama on saving TN Fishermen comes true 00000000SPABDSTN1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6254 00000000SPABDSTN2
SSP (Seeman Photos) Speech at General Committee Meeting at Chennai 00000000SPSGCMC1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4792 00000000SPSGCMC2
Clean India Comedy by Seeman (in video english subtitles) 00000000SSBCICBS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6287 00000000SSBCICBS2
Seeman after casting his vote speaks to press 00000000SSBCVSPR1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4618 00000000SSBCVSPR2
Dangers of chemicals used in Agriculture 00000000SSBDCUA1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4502 00000000SSBDCUA2
History of Seeman Protest Against Tamil Movies 00000000SSBHPATM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4476 00000000SSBHPATM2
Jayalalitha speaks same as Seeman on Cauvery Issue 00000000SSBJSCIS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4691 00000000SSBJSCIS2
Karnataka CM vs Seeman on South Indian Languages 00000000SSBKCMSI1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4546 00000000SSBKCMSI2
Seeman vs MGR on Advertising Social Work 00000000SSBMGRAS1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6244 00000000SSBMGRAS2
Neeya Naana about Emotion & Seeman about Emotion 00000000SSBNNES1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=5851 00000000SSBNNES2
Please bomb on us so that we can die says a Tamil Nadu farmer & Seeman Speech 00000000SSBPBWCD1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4608 00000000SSBPBWCD2
Seeman challenge for those who say he is against Periyar 00000000SSBSCFTW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4550 00000000SSBSCFTW2
Seeman vs Subramanian Swamy – யாருக்கு யார் எடுபுடி 00000000SSBSUBSW1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6277 00000000SSBSUBSW2
Seeman about Thalaivar’s Sanskrit Name, Who is a Tamilan, Enmity between Dravidian Parties, etc., 00000000SSBTSNWT1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=6215 00000000SSBTSNWT2
VO Chidambaram Pillai grandson poverty, Subhas Chandra Bose said I want to be born as a Tamilan 00000000SSBVOCPG1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4614 00000000SSBVOCPG2
Seeman Speech at Kalayar Kovil 00000000SSKALKOL1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4969 00000000SSKALKOL2
Seeman Speech at Kelvellur, Thiruvarur for Mullaperiyar Dam issue on 2012 December & Current State of Tamil Nadu Farmers Who Use Mullaperiyar Water 00000000SSKTMDIO1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=4606 00000000SSKTMDIO2
Seeman Speech – Only if you have Prabhakaran Tattoo you can be a MLA or MP in Naam Tamilar 00000000SSOPTYCB1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10298 00000000SSOPTYCB2
புதுமாப்பிள்ளை தேன் நிலவுக்கு செல்வது போல் மோடி இலங்கை விஜயம்: சீமான் 00000000STNPMNRM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10579 00000000STNPMNRM2
Veerathamilar Munnani 00000000VTMVEEM1
http://tamilanseemanvideos.com/?p=10405 00000000VTMVEEM2

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